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Форум » Программное обеспечение (Software) » Бесплатный раздел и скидки (Free,Discount) » Бесплатные материалы (Материалы которые были загружены бесплатно)
Бесплатные материалы
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Здесь будет всё что связанно с бесплатными файлами. Если у вас есть что-то бесплатное и вы не хотите грузить это в наш файловый архив но хотите помочь нам, то вы можете создать новую тему в разделе Free, с соответствующим названием и описанием.

Все бесплатные сэмплы | All the free samples

A Sound Effect Releases Free Surround SFX By Rick Hernandez - Download
50 Free Sound Effects, Drones, Soundscapes and Noises by Dronny Darko - Download
Free Sample Kits 1 by Smokey Loops - Download
Free Sample Kits 2 by Smokey Loops - Download
2nd Year Free Sample Pack by Boyss-Sound-e-Scapes - Download
What About: FREE Big Room Kicks - Download
Apashe Copter Boy Samplepack - Download
Over 1GB of Surround Sound Ambiences - Download
250 Free Dub Beats, Basses, Guitar Chops by Musicradar - Download
Free Psytrance Sample Pack by Yummy Tunes - Download
Bulletproof Benz Drum Kit by Empire SoundKits - Download
Trance Euphoria 5 Free Construction Kits by Dance MIDI Samples - Download
What About: Free Anniversary Collection Vol.3 [7.8GB] - Download
LoopLords Minimal Structures Sample Pack - Download
Free Neurostep Sample Pack by Ghosthack - Download
Filthy Vocals Sample Pack by Function Loops - Download
Free Boom Bap Drum Kit by JGBeats - Download
279 Free Sidechained and Gated Loops by MusicRadar - Download
The Pack Volume 1 Free Collection by Upsound & Friends - Download
What About: Free Ultimate Foley Sounds - Download
Flipper Mania – 60 Free Flipper Sound Samples by VSTOFF - Download
Free Soundful Drum Kit for Hip Hop by Suspicious Techniques - Download
100 Free Loops for DnB, Neuro and Dubstep by TheBiocide - Download
Ethereal Vocals Vol.3 Cuties Sample Pack by Monad Moon - Download
14 Free EDM/Electro Construction Kits by Highlife Samples - Download
Tropical Melodies Free Sample Pack by Loopersound - Download
No Dusk Intros Free Dubstep Samples & Serum Presets - Download
Free Doomed Vol.1 Neuro DnB Sample Pack by Negativist - Download
125 Free Korg MS-20 Samples by Elphnt Released - Download
34 Free Gong Samples by GowlerMusic - Download
What About: FREE Future Vocals & Presets - Download
1000 Free Classic Drum Machine Samples by EraserFase - Download
100 Free Chord Samples by Sample Magic - Download
Free New Loops Label Sampler 2017 - Download
SoundBytes DDMf IIEQ Pro Free Equalizer Plugin - Download
300 Free Dusty Driven One Shot Drum Samples by Touch Loops - Download
Free Outro Creator Sample Pack - Download
DJ Pain 1 Releases Damn That Dirt Free Drum Kit Featuring 75 Exclusive Sounds - Download
273 free rhythmic inspiration loops by MusicRadar - Download

Все бесплатные плагины | All free plugins

Free Plugins - Download
Free 2S EQ Parametric Equalizer VST/AU Plugin By 2nd Sense Audio - Download
EU ProMixEQ-10A Free Equalizer VST Plugin for Windows by Onlinemasteringstudio - Download
Free SL84 Console EQ VST Plugin by SmackLabs - Download
Free PhatNoise Simple ModFilter VST Plugin by BurghRecords - Download
Free Chorus Plugin (VST/AU) by Oblivion Soundlab - Download
SL84 Free Equalizer by Smack Labs - Download
Free SL63x Compressor by Smack Labs - Download
RomPlay 2 Lite Free Sample Based by Beatmaker Released - Download
VHL-3C Free Filter Effect Plugin by Black Rooster Audio - Download
808 Bass Module 2 Lite Free ROMpler Instrument by BeatMaker - Download
Free SK10 Subkick Emulator by Wavesfactory - Download
Free adsrFilter Effect Plugin by Saschart - Download
Free Instrument Bank for sforzando - Download
Free Teufelsberg Reverb Plugin by Balance Mastering - Download
Nuclear Lite Free VST Instrument ROMpler for Hip Hop, Urban & Cinematic - Download
War Tuba Free Sample Library for Sforzando (SFZ) - Download

Разное что бесплатно | Different that free

FreeForm Volume 1 ROMpler For NI Kontakt by Channel Robot - Download
Free Kontakt/Ableton Sound Library By Flintpope/PerforModule - Download
Free VHS 808 Sample Library by Past To Future Samples - https://gumroad.com/l/fYwD
Free Sustained String Chords for NI Kontakt by Sonuscore - Download
Synthmagic Releases Evsfett Free Ambient Sample Library (Kontakt & SFZ) - Download
Soft Glow Organ Free ROMpler Instrument Plugin by SynthIV - Download
G&S Custom Work 2.0 Free Kontakt Drum Kit by Autodafe - Download
What About: FREE Revealed Melodies - Download
Flintpope intros Layercake free Kontakt instrument for sound designers - Download
Pianowa free piano instrument for NI Kontakt by Autodafe - Download
Snow Bells free library for Kontakt by Rast Sound - Download

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Ableton Live 9 (Windows)
Admin OfflineДата: 16.07.17, 20:36 | Сообщение #2
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Time+Space Releases DRONAR Free Edition For NI Kontakt

Time+Space has announced the release of DRONAR Free Edition, a free cinematic sound library based on the popular DRONAR ($79) virtual instrument by Gothic Instruments.

DRONAR Free Edition includes 20 instrument patches from the full version of DRONAR, organized into four categories: Hybrid, Guitar, Live Strings, Dark Synthesis. Apart from the reduced number of available patches, the free edition of the instrument isn’t limited in any other way. It does require the full version of NI Kontakt 5.5+ in order to work without a 15-minute time limit, though.

The included patches, especially the ones in the Hybrid folder, could easily find their way into a modern blockbuster movie soundtrack. The sound designers who worked on DRONAR have done some stellar work with this library and downloading some of the sounds for free is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss. The majority of the included patches are complex multi-layered sounds which are truly brought to life through mod wheel automation. A great example of this is the Alien Swooping Death Beasts patch which will make you look around in terror while the beastly sound effects evolve and grow stronger as you slowly push the mod wheel value to 100%. The library also contains a variety of more musical sounding patches, including several high-quality cinematic strings and sequenced guitars.

The main user interface is well designed and somewhat simplistic, although the additional panels do provide in-depth control over various modulation and FX parameters. The user can manually adjust the modulation rate and shape, play around with the built-in arpeggiator, adjust FX sends, and control the Distortion, EQ, Compressor, Delay, Reverb, and Gater effects.

Please note that you’ll need to register for a Time+Space user account and complete the checkout process in order to download your copy of DRONAR Free Edition. You will also need to install the Connect download manager by Continuata to download the library. Upon completing the checkout process, you will receive your personal download key which should be opened in Connect.

Download Free: Time+Space Releases DRONAR Free Edition

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Ableton Live 9 (Windows)
Admin OfflineДата: 19.07.17, 21:10 | Сообщение #3
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Бесплатные файлы от Soundshockaudio

Dowload: Free

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Ableton Live 9 (Windows)
mterner8 OfflineДата: 21.07.17, 14:23 | Сообщение #4
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Cut Through Recordings CTR Entropy v1.2.0[WIN/MAC] [x64/x86]

Entropy by CTR is a one of a kind delay plugin! This delay has complete control over delay in each channel separately, but that isn’t what makes this plugin special. Entropy is a stereo cross-over delay. This is a unique type of delay that delays the signal from the left channel and places it in the right, and delays the signal in the right channel and places it in the left. This creates a whole new kind of delay and interesting stereo effects.


Delay up to 2000 milliseconds
Unique Crossover Delay Effect
Feedback control
Dry/Wet mix control
VST Format
Available for Windows and OS X
Parameters can be controlled independently for each channel to create a wide range of possible sounds.

Download : Cut Through Recording CTR Entropy

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Fl Studio (Windows)
mterner8 OfflineДата: 22.08.17, 19:47 | Сообщение #5
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Socalab - PAPU

Product Description:

Emulates hardware of Nintendo Gameboy
2 Square wave channels
Sweeps on first square wave channel
1 Noise channel
Waveform display
Stereo output
Windows VST 32/64
Mac AU 32/64

Version History:

1.0.0: Aug 20/17 – Initial release

Download : Socalab - PAPU

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Fl Studio (Windows)
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