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Ableton - Beat Tools (APL) - Drum and Instrument Racks

Ableton - Beat Tools (APL) - Drum and Instrument Racks
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Ableton - Beat Tools (APL) - With more than 120 Drum and Instrument Racks, over 180 loops for slicing, tweakable effects chains and more, Beat Tools has all the sounds you need for hands-on beatmaking – especially with Push.

Developed by a team of producers and sound designers including Sound Oracle, Mic Checkmate and Michele Darling, this collection of sounds puts everything you need for making beats in one place. Drum Racks are packed with percussive hits, bass and melodic samples so you can work on tight-knit ideas for groove and melody together. And more than 100 Instrument Racks offer a huge sound palette to create a range of moods – from weighty bass and smooth electric pianos, to icy pads and sharp leads.

Plus there are 182 audio loops for chopping up and creating new grooves and melodies, as well as almost 100 MIDI clips for reworking into your own beats, and showing you what the kits can do.

Beatmaking flow with Push

The Pack is set up for sparking ideas and keeping you in your flow – especially with Push. Drum kits and Instrument Racks come with processing and effects chains that sound great right off the bat. Eight Macros are carefully set up for creative tweaking and sound design directly from Push; take your bass booms from pure to gritty in just a few tweaks. Instruments also make use of expressive Push features like pad aftertouch.

Pack contents
- 102 Instrument Racks – including bass, keys, leads, pads and effects, designed for Live’s native synths or multisampled from analog gear
- 27 Drum Racks – from crisp drum machine rhythms to lo-fi samples, with tweakable Effect Racks
- 97 MIDI clips & 182 audio loops – premade kit patterns and audio loops and phrases to slice, rework and spark ideas of your own
- 15 Effect Racks – creative chains set up for using the eight Macro controls to maximum effect.
- 5 demo sets – Live sets that showcase some the Pack’s creative potential
- Samples provided by MVP Loops and MSX Audio

Learn finger drumming
Practice your finger drumming skills with Melodics, a standalone app that offers a great way to learn and refine your playing. Melodics have created a free set of lessons based on BMaul’s video performance, using the sounds from the Beat Tools Sound Pack.

System requirements: Ableton Live 9.7.1 and higher

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