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SturmSounds-Electro - Schlagomat (KONTAKT) - Library for Kontakt

SturmSounds-Electro - Schlagomat (KONTAKT) - Library for Kontakt
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• Раздел: Пресеты, патчи, библиотеки
• Категория: Library for Kontakt
• Добавлен: 15.09.17 в 16:12
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• Теги: SturmSounds-Electro, LIBRARY, For, (KONTAKT), kontakt, Schlagomat, Library for Kontakt

SturmSounds-Electro - Schlagomat (KONTAKT) - Discover the intuitive design of the drums and sequence samples using Schlagomat. Expand your spectrum of creativity - randomly create sound sets and patterns and save the results. Generate ideas in no time.

Intuitive workflow: SCHLAGOMAT allows you to "roll the dice" and get random sounds. Part of bits, fragments of melodies or wild sound experiments turn into new ideas in no time. You can also import your own samples in 11 of the sequencer tracks.
The endless randomization: a Wide variety of settings sequitor such as: selection of audio, DK, altitude, pan, send effect, volume, LFO for filter and pitch. The direction of the sequencer back and forth and a lot of randomization options will provide you with a smoother and more intuitive workflow.

Don't forget that you will have five available sequencers and each one can store up to 64 samples in lanes 1-9 and 127 samples on tracks 10-11.
But SCHLAGOMAT - not just a great generator of new ideas: due to its ability to process and custom samples included many different and exciting ways, it's also fully loaded Remix machine! And the numerous combinatorial possibilities make SCHLAGOMAT one of a kind - very inspiring multi abilities.

Discover intuitive drum design and sample sequencing
Expand your creativity spectrum - generate Sound sets and Pattern randomly
Create ideas in no time - dive in a world of endless Sound

KONTAKT 5.0, 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5

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