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Producertech - Avenger Classic Drum & Bass Expansion (AVENGER) - Avenger Expansion

Producertech - Avenger Classic Drum & Bass Expansion (AVENGER) - Avenger Expansion
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• Раздел: Пресеты, патчи, библиотеки
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• Добавлен: 07.10.17 в 18:26
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• Теги: Avenger, expansion, Drum, Producertech, bass, Other Library, (AVENGER), Classic

Producertech - Avenger Classic Drum & Bass Expansion (AVENGER) - Producertech presents a heavy new pack of presets for VPS Avenger, providing you with a huge arsenal of classic drum and bass sounds. All main types of patch are included, in addition to drum kits and patterns, which are worked into a whole series of sequenced presets, combining beats with basses, stabs, leads and pads, to create a number of serious grooves!

Patch types include basses, pads, chords, arpeggios, leads, effects and sequences, all of which have macros assigned for instant tweaking of key parameters. For anyone wanting to create their own sounds, this pack provides 10 new wavetables and 20 multisampled sounds, comprising basses, leads and pads. There are also 5 drum kits, each one having 2 unique sequences, offering immediate loading of classic drum and bass beats.

In total, there are 64 Presets, 20 multisamples, 60 drum samples and 10 drum sequences, amounting to 176MB of content.

For an example of the kind of sounds in the pack, check out the demo track, made entirely with Avenger presets from this powerful expansion!

VPS Avenger Expansion Presets
64 Presets
20 Multisamples
10 Wavetables
5 Drum Kits
10 Drum Sequences


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