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Vandalism - Avenger Expansion Pack: Shocking EDM [AVENGER] - Presets for Avenger

Vandalism - Avenger Expansion Pack: Shocking EDM [AVENGER] - Presets for Avenger
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• Добавлен: 27.09.17 в 14:29
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• Теги: Avenger, expansion, For, Shocking, Vandalism, Presets, Pack:, EDM

Vandalism - Avenger Expansion Pack: Shocking EDM [AVENGER] -'Shocking EDM For Avenger' is the very first expansion for this brand new synthesizer. It brings you extraordinary sounds for most populars generes now. This amazing compilation provides you with detailed presets which are created with the best features of Avenger. When you want to get some really fresh and original sounds, load your Aveneger with this ground breaking synths!

These sounds were created for the Avenger due to its powerful sound system and possibilities. There aren't any sounds that can be created with this beast. Are you looking for real guitar - it could have it. Do you need beautiful piano sounds without wasting lots of time - it is possible with the Avenger. Whether you are coming from House or Dubstep or even Electro scene, this soundset invites you to create astounding and up-to-date tracks.

Product Contains :

  • 21 Lead Sounds
  • 18 Sytnh Sounds
  • 14 Bass Sounds
  • 6 Pluck Sounds
  • 5 Piano Sounds
  • 3 Pad Sounds
  • 3 Macro Controls Assigned
  • ModWheel Assigned

    The samples are not included in this.

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