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HY2ROGEN - EDM Massive Soundset 2 [NI Massive] - Presets For Ni Massive

HY2ROGEN - EDM Massive Soundset 2 [NI Massive] - Presets For Ni Massive
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HY2ROGEN - EDM Massive Soundset 2 [NI Massive] HY2ROGEN is back with volume 2 of the previous EDM Massive Soundset and delivers more synth goodies in the form of 150 fresh presets for the infamous - NI Massive.

Usable with almost all the popular EDM genres right now, this collection of sounds is another must-have in your personal library of presets and can be heavily used in genres such as electro house, melbourne bounce, progressive house, groove house, future house, bass house, trap and even dubstep and beyond.

The key to a full, phat and wide sound is stacking various instances of Massive together and of course with other synths as well.

All of the sounds come with 4-8 macro-controls. With the help of these you can shape the sounds at your liking and incorporate them in your mixes.

These 150 lock & load presets are broken down into 40 bass presets (from electro to future house), 30 chord presets (polyphonic saws perfect for melodic hooks and melodies), 40 lead presets (monophonic one note toppers and hook rockers), 30 pluck presets (perfect for backing chords, breakdowns and even main progressive themes) and 10 misc presets (8 fx sounds and 2 pad presets).

The pack includes only the .NMSV format available for NI Massive 1.5 and above.

Remember to stack your sounds for a fuller, wider and “jumping out of the speakers” tones!

Attention: The pack contains only bass, chord, lead, pluck, pad and fx presets for NI Massive 1.5 and above.

Other sounds like drums, effects and vocal cuts are not included in the pack. They have been taken from previous releases here on HY2ROGEN

Native Instruments Massive 1.5+ presets

150 presets
40 bass presets
30 chord presets
40 lead presets
30 pluck presets
10 misc presets (8 fx sounds and 2 pads)
4-8 macro-controls

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