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Industrial Strength - Rawstyle Synths (Massive, Sylenth1, Spire) - Presets For Massive, Sylenth1, Spire

Industrial Strength - Rawstyle Synths (Massive, Sylenth1, Spire) - Presets For Massive, Sylenth1, Spire
• Тип: Лицензия [?]
• Просмотров: 180
• Узнали где скачать: 30
• Раздел: Пресеты, патчи, библиотеки
• Категория: Spire
• Добавлен: 09.10.17 в 18:12
• Сайт разработчика: Перейти
• Теги: Massive, Rawstyle, For, Synths, industrial, SPIRE), Strength, Presets, Sylenth1, (MASSIVE

Industrial Strength - Rawstyle Synths (Massive, Sylenth1, Spire) Industrial Strength Samples delivers another hard hitting studio pack for serious producers looking to expand their pallet of sounds for Hard Electronic music production.

Rawstyle Synths features a heavy set of monster presets for Native instruments Massive, Spire and Sylenth 1. This incredible set of sounds gives you the power to have that Rawstyle edge in your next track or remix.

This amazing sound set gives you authentic sounds which can be tweaked out or used as is. All the sounds are 100% License Free and were made from the ground up. Rawstyle Synths works well with our Hardstyle Vs Rawstyle, Mrotek’s Rawstyle and Gancher and Ruins Hardstyle Riot and Hardstyle Rituals.

This extreme sound from Holland has worked its way on the biggest parties and festivals in the world. Now you can have the hottest sound set to deliver truly inspirational results in no time flat.

Get ready to send your backing track into over drive with this essential Rawstyle collection of presets. This pack includes Hard Leads, Sick Synths and Heavy Screech sounds to use in your next creation.

This new ISR collection is raw to the core.

+You Must Own the latest versions of NI Massive, Spire and Sylenth 1 to use this pack.

Please Note Drums not included.


- Synth Presets
- 11 Screech NI Massive Presets
- 32 Screech, Pluck, Leads, FX Spire Presets
- 24 Screech, Pluck, Lead, Hoover, Kicks & FX Sylenth 1 Presets
- Total : 67 Presets

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1. MrSmile написал: 09.10.17 в 23:28
Вот за это огромное спасибо

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