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Vandalism - Shocking Progressive House For ANA [.presets] - Presets for A.N.A

Vandalism - Shocking Progressive House For ANA [.presets] - Presets for A.N.A
• Тип: Лицензия [?]
• Просмотров: 152
• Узнали где скачать: 25
• Раздел: Пресеты, патчи, библиотеки
• Категория: Sonic Academy KICK / A.N.A
• Добавлен: 24.09.17 в 23:22
• Сайт разработчика: Перейти
• Теги: house, Progressive, For, Shocking, Ana, Vandalism, A.N.A, Presets, .presets

Vandalism - Shocking Progressive House For ANA [.presets] - 'Shocking Progressive House For A.N.A.' is the long awaitied soundset bringing amazing up-to-date progressive sounds with ultra quality and freshness. This compilation is for producers who want to turn out fantastic melodies and hypnotize their audience with an amazing presetes that sound catchy and indcredible. We have pushed ANA to the limit to show you what it really has to offer!

With this soundset you can easily stand out from the others. There are sounds which are modern but they have factor which make them better than progressive sounds you used to work with. Listen to the demo and feel the difference coming from power, attention to the details and additive synthesis skills!

Product Details:
• 64 Sonic Academy A.N.A. Presets
• 28 Lead Sounds
• 12 Bass Sounds
• 12 Synth Sounds
• 7 Pluck Sounds
• 5 Chord Sounds
• ModWheel Assigned
• 100% Royalty-Free

Requirements Sonic Academy A.N.A. v.1.5+

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