Monster EDM Ableton Projects Vol.2 - Проекты Ableton Live
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Monster EDM Ableton Projects Vol.2 - Проекты Ableton Live

Monster EDM Ableton Projects Vol.2 - Проекты Ableton Live
• Версия: vol.2
• Таблетка: Вылечен (Не нужна)
• Просмотров: 1554
• Загрузок: 151
• Раздел: Проекты (Templates)
• Категория: Ableton Templates
• Добавлен: 08.08.15 в 16:08
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Monster EDM Ableton Projects Vol.2 - это пак из 4 проектов для секвенсора Ableton Live. EDM Gold is back with round two of Monster EDM Ableton Projects and as always we are all about the drop. 4 more epic big room house tracks ready to completely destroy any crowd they go up against. Built from scratch using Ableton 9's suite of plugins and effects and Native Instruments Massive.
The projects are designed to give you a special insight into the processes used to make huge EDM bangers. You can pull the tracks apart and see how all the elements fit together in the mix, how the synth patches are constructed, how FX are chained together to achieve the biggest possible sound and how the automation brings everything together. You can look at the use and combination of sidechain compression, multiband compression and EQ to fill the right sonic spectrum. See how different FX are positioned within a chain to get different effects and how it all ties together to make a huge tune.
For ableton users that are fans of labels like Spinnin' Records and CR2 this is a gold mine and not something to be missed. The tracks are as always, 100% royalty free for commercial use so can can rework, remix and mash them up until your hearts content.

Что входит:

4 Projects
Full FX chains on channel and master channel
All synths made using Midi and Ni Massive
100% Royalty Free for commercial use
Requires Ableton 9.
Requires NI Massive 1.3 or above

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