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Poztman - Cyber Tech (WAV) - Tech House Samples

Poztman - Cyber Tech (WAV) - Tech House Samples
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• Раздел: Сэмплы
• Категория: Deep/Tropical/Tech House / Nu Disco / Disco
• Добавлен: 12.09.17 в 20:44
• Сайт разработчика: Перейти
• Теги: (wav), tech, Deep/Tropical/Tech House / Nu Disco, Poztman, cyber, house, Samples

Poztman - Cyber Tech (WAV) Love the gritty synthesis of techstep? Dark and industrial, this pack is a ideal addition for your tech-fueled productions. Honoring the clinical and eerie sound of Techy Drum n Bass, this pack contains all the necersary loops and one-shots to create high-energy tracks! These sounds should instantly shape a gloomy sci-fi mood.

Sound Weird:

Made by Poztman, producer from Bruges and lover of all that is cyberpunk, this pack embraces the digital innovation in modern audio synthesis: All samples were created by synthesis from different sources, or originally sampled from old-skool hardware. Ranging from low and deep to high end explorative timbres, twisted into the cold and mechanized feel of Techstep. Some sounds go pretty hardcore, others are more minimalist.

Instant Craziness:

Grab this pack if you like Drum and Bass, especially the more techy and gritty side of it, but also if you’re into IDM, Techno or Halftime. Filled with over 150 loops and 125 one shots, ranging all categories: Bass, Lead, Synths, Pads & FX, Drums and Spoken word.

Ready to make things cyber?

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