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Splice Sounds - Tisoki Sounds Vol. 2 (WAV, SERUM) - Dubstep Samples

Splice Sounds - Tisoki Sounds Vol. 2 (WAV, SERUM) - Dubstep Samples
• Тип: Лицензия [?]
• Просмотров: 487
• Узнали где скачать: 173
• Раздел: Сэмплы
• Категория: Dubstep / Drum & Bass / Neurofunk
• Добавлен: 05.11.17 в 21:37
• Сайт разработчика: Перейти
• Теги: Serum), Tisoki, Vol., (WAV, Samples, Dubstep / Drum & Bass / Neurofun, Splice, Sounds, Dubstep

Splice Sounds - Tisoki Sounds Vol. 2 (WAV, SERUM) Tisoki has done it all along his meteoric rise to electronic stardom - toured the world, released on the hottest labels, collaborated with the biggest acts, and distributed some of the hottest sample and preset packs around. What do you do when you’ve crossed every item off your bucket list, and you have nothing left to prove? According to Tisoki, you dream even bigger and then do it all over again. Given Tisoki’s runaway success as an electronic musician and sound designer, it should come as no surprise that his samples are in high demand. His packs have been some of the most popular across Splice Sounds, and this iteration will certainly not disappoint loyal fans. Tisoki’s drum oneshots and loops will imbue any mix with his signature aggression, while bass music producers will specifically thrill at this collection of synths and loops. He’s thrown in some extra-squelchy Serum presets and super-secret vocal chants to top it all off.

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