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Mike Hawkins Essentials Vol.1 - Сэмплы

Mike Hawkins Essentials Vol.1 - Сэмплы
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• Раздел: Сэмплы
• Категория: EDM
• Добавлен: 20.01.16 в 14:29
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• Теги: Essentials, Vol.1, Hawkins, MIKE, сэмплы, EDM

Mike Hawkins Essentials Vol.1 - это пак сэмплов от Mike Hawkins.

I’m happy to present all of you with my first ever sample-pack. I approached this task with the purpose of creating and finding those "unique” samples that can help people remember a record - and I’ve included a ton of my own, personal samples used in many of my records, from Soldiers and Hot Steppa to my remixes of Zedd and Martin Garrix.

Further I’ve included some of my "go-to” kicks, claps and percussion - and various "tools” that always help keep tension up in a dance record. Used in moderation, these can really help add the last bit of sizzle to your record. And naturally, on the topic of kicks, I’ve included tons of my own signature kicks (both tonal and non-tonal). They just work. I’d like to extend a special thanks to my great friends and equally as great producers / sound designers, Toby Green and 7Skies, for their input and help finetuning the package. And naturally, a huge thanks to Splice for helping me provide this to you all. - Mike Hawkins

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