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CONNECTD Audio - Drumpak: Organic House (WAV) - House Samples

CONNECTD Audio - Drumpak: Organic House (WAV) - House Samples
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• Категория: House / Progressive House / Pop
• Добавлен: 09.10.17 в 11:55
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• Теги: house, House / Progressive House / Pop, Samples, Audio, CONNECTD, Organic, Drumpak:, (wav)

CONNECTD Audio - Drumpak: Organic House (WAV) We're proud to announce the first in the Drumpak series. Drumpak is a brand new concept from CONNECTD Audio focusing on professional, production-ready drum loops and oneshots for a particular genre. Organic House is inspired by artists such as Fouk, Max Graef, Doorly, Razor N’ Tape and the early vibes of Detroit Swindle.

Drum Loops > 20 full beats broken out into 175 stripped stems. We’ve got all the bases covered here from vintage, dusty elements, tribal rockers and re-sampled breaks right through to chuggy party vibes and loose jazzy grooves. Ready to roll as-is or mix and match for endless possibilities.

Drum Hits > Grit and warmth is the order of the day here: Build custom beats with a palette of 116 analogue-processed drum hits, providing you with maximum creative freedom in the studio. Presented with sampler formats for Ableton Drum Rack, EXS24, Kontakt & Reason’s NN-XT sampler.

Please Note: This product contains drum loops, drum oneshots and the relevant sampler patches only. All melodic elements you hear are for demonstration purposes and are intended to showcase what is possible with this product.

•24bit Quality
•175 WAV Loops
•116 WAV Oneshots
•4 Sampler Patches for Ableton, EXS24, Reason NN-XT & Kontakt

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