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Loopmasters - House Exposure (MIDI, REFILL) - House MIDI & Reason Refill Samples

Loopmasters - House Exposure (MIDI, REFILL) - House MIDI & Reason Refill Samples
• Тип: Лицензия [?]
• Просмотров: 430
• Узнали где скачать: 90
• Раздел: Сэмплы
• Категория: House / Progressive House / Pop
• Добавлен: 26.10.17 в 21:43
• Сайт разработчика: Перейти
• Теги: house, (MIDI, REFILL), Loopmasters, Reason, Samples, Exposure, Midi, Refill

Loopmasters - House Exposure (MIDI, REFILL) House Exposure from Loopmasters presents a peak-time selection of electronic Soul fit for the main room of any House. This giant collection features chomping drums, rude basslines and top lead synths, with all content coming 100% Royalty-Free for your productions.

'House Exposure' is full to the brim with professionally produced loops, hits and sampler patches primed and polished to add impact and excitement to your House. The included loops have a funky, soulful flavour, with layered drums, smooth basslines, melodic synths and sub-atomic FX, delivering a new world of lush electronic House to your DAW.

Over 250 one-shot samples are included with a wealth of Housey drum hits, basses and synth hits to program and sequence, as well as 13 multi-sampled sounds, pre-mapped and ready to play from your keyboard. 274 REX loops are included and expertly sliced for more sonic adventures, as well as in excess of 50 premade patches for your favourite software sampler.

Loopmasters' 'House Exposure' will step your music up to the next level. Download the free taster pack and check out the specs and demo for more info.

Product Details:

• 1.51 GB
• 24-Bit/44.1kHz Quality
• 59 Synth Loops
• 44 Bass Loops
• 29 Kick Loops
• 25 Full Drum Loops
• 24 Hat Loops
• 14 Top Loops
• 13 Clap Loops
• 13 Snare Loops
• 10 Perc Loops
• 7 Drum Fill Loops
• 3 Drum Build Loops
• 3 FX Loops
• 42 Drum Hits
• 30 FX
• 17 Bass Hits
• 17 Synth Hits
• 8 Bass Multis
• 5 Synth Multis

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