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Loopmasters - Ultimate Dub - Dub Samples

Loopmasters - Ultimate Dub - Dub Samples
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• Категория: Jazz / Blues / Soul / Reggae/ton / Dub
• Добавлен: 09.09.17 в 12:13
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• Теги: Jazz / Blues / Soul / Reggae / Dub, .torrent, Loopmasters, Samples, DUB, Ultimate

Loopmasters - Ultimate Dub - Loopmasters present Ultimate Dub, a hand-picked collection of the finest Bassline Bizness and Top Heavy Riddims from the best-selling packs released to date. Featuring sounds from Rocksteady artists at the forefront of the Dub scene including Dub Pistols, Author, Prince Fatty, Dub FX, Dubmatix, Mad Professor, Razaman and many more - guaranteeing the crowd give you some signal!

At a gargantuan 3.10 GB, Loopmasters bring you an expertly crafted selection of top-notch royalty free samples ready for your Duplate VIP. Ultimate Dub has everything you need to make the Dancehall Shake and the Bass Bins Topple - with enough Loops, One shots and Multi Samples to bring out the `cool ruler’ in you and set the roof on fire!

Ultimate Dub brings you rhythms from 63 to 180 BPM, in a host of musical keys – using a plethora of classic Dub Instruments including Rhodes Electronic Keys, Slap Bass, Clavinova, Muted Guitars, Moog MS20 Synthesizer, Dub Sirens and Brass. Don’t forget your mixing desk is a musical instrument in Dub too!

Dub has been influenced by, and has in turn influenced a huge variety of genres – making Ultimate Dub suitable for everything from Reggae to Techno, Jungle, Drum and Bass, Dubstep, House, Punk, Trip Hop, Ambient and Hip Hop.
Ultimate Dub brings you the best in Dancehall vibes, in one epic collection. Get ready to burn up and skank your way into the night – listen to the Demo above, and Download the FREE Taster Pack today!


• 159 Drum Loops
• 124 Keys Loops
• 93 Perc Loops
• 80 Top Loops
• 17 Fx Loops
• 4 Drum Construction Kits
• 293 Drum & Perc Hits
• 105 Vocal Phrases & Shots
• 43 Drum Fills
• 20 Synth Hits
• 7 Bass Multis
• 150 Bass Loops
• 97 Horn Loops
• 89 Synth Loops
• 52 Guitar Loops
• 15 Vocal Loops
• 8 Track Construction Kits
• 151 Sirens & Fx
• 68 Instrument Hits
• 37 Bass Hits
• 10 Ready Made Drum Kits
• 13 Instrument Multis
• 173 Soft Sampler Patches

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