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Academy.FM - Cymatics Essential MIDI Collection Vol.1 (MIDI) - Midi

Academy.FM - Cymatics Essential MIDI Collection Vol.1 (MIDI) - Midi
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Academy.FM - Cymatics Essential MIDI Collection Vol.1 Ever get tired of sitting at a screen waiting for inspiration?

Well, the wait’s over…

Introducing our first iteration of the Essential MIDI Collection: an extensive library of grooves, motifs, and progressions.

Our skilled producers have pooled their raw talent together and loaded this pack full of exactly what you’re looking for, pure inspiration and amazing progressions to learn from..

The minute you open up this pack, you’ll immediately know how you’ll want your version of the MIDI to go, and can begin crafting your masterpiece from there!

That’s because each progression was carefully crafted to be perfectly quantized and masterfully constructed. Minor, Major, Diminished, Augmented, and Seventh chords are just the basics of what you’ll hear in Volume 1 alone!

Not to mention, this pack will show you exactly what it takes to make a solid progression that can turn any of your tracks into ridiculously catchy songs.

This is because people don’t just remember a song because of the reverb you added to the kick. It stick’s in their mind because of the progression.

So, if you’re an artist who not only wants to make things happen in the studio, and learn about making your music stick, MIDI Sample Collection Volume 1 will be your light in the dark.

Included in this pack:

50 MIDI Files

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