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Academy.FM - Cymatics - Essential MIDI Collection Vol.4 (MIDI) - Midi Files

Academy.FM - Cymatics - Essential MIDI Collection Vol.4 (MIDI) - Midi Files
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Academy.FM - Cymatics - Essential MIDI Collection Vol.4 (MIDI) It’s no secret that, for many producers, music theory is a ridiculously hard concept to grasp.

This makes writing chords one of the most time consuming things in their production, which is why we originally created Essential Midi Collections Vol. 1-3.

These Essentials Midi Collection helped producers maximize their studio time and save HOURS of unnecessary work. And even if you enjoy writing your own MIDI, these will serve as amazing source of inspiration.

Because producers were beyond thrilled with these packs, we decided to make a 4th edition with the most EPIC and MELODIC midi files you will ever come across…

Seriously, you haven’t seen anything yet.

This pack includes 50 MIDI chord progressions that not only work with any genre, but give you endless inspiration!

Download this pack and turn these MIDI files into the best song of 2017!

Included in this pack:

50 MIDI Chord Progressions
Format: .MID
File Count: 50 MIDI Files

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