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SoundBits - Crash & Smash (WAV) - FX Samples

SoundBits - Crash & Smash (WAV) - FX Samples
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• Категория: MIDI / Drum Hits / Fills / FX / Synths
• Добавлен: 03.11.17 в 19:12
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• Теги: Samples, MIDI / Drum Hits / Fills / FX / Syn, FX, SoundBits, Smash, (wav), crash

SoundBits - Crash & Smash (WAV) The “Crash & Smash” sound effects library contains over 1110 sounds of destruction. For this collection I went on rampage at several junk yards around my hometown and in a huge stone pit. Collecting a vast amount of crash sound effects. Other than the Just Impacts libraries this one focuses more on crashing sounds with all the rumble and debris.
So you get hundreds of variations of glass smashes, rolling stones and stone hits, wood breaks and impacts and metal crashes.
As usual the sounds come perfectly cleaned and edited so you can instantly place them in your timeline or design new sounds with it. Of course they also got some EQ and compression treatment but weren’t further “designed”. So you have nice and flexible source material for your own productions.

All sounds come with embedded Sound Miner Metadata sorted in subfolders for:

Recorded with: Sonosax SX-R4+ and Sound Devices 744T
Mics used: Sennheiser MKH8050+MKH30, Sennheiser MKH8060+Ambient ATE208
This is a perfect addition to sound libraries like “The Blacksmith” or “Just Impacts – Extension 2”

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