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The Drum Broker - Fill Collins [WAV] - Drum Fills

The Drum Broker - Fill Collins [WAV] - Drum Fills
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The Drum Broker - Fill Collins [WAV] -This kit focuses on the often overlooked, yet highly important aspect of drum programming - drum fills and breakdowns.

With 100 high-quality, unique, and funky drum fills/breakdowns, producers will find this kit incredibly useful to add that final level of polish and detail to their beats. Simply audition the wide variety of sounds and quickly get inspired when programming the drums for your next heater.

The best producers have mastered the art of using fills in their beats … just think of Alchemist or DJ Khalil and how they incorporate drum breakdowns and rolls into their production. It is an essential part to creating authentic beats that really stand out.

Fill Collins is now levelling the playing field for all producers by eliminating the need to dig through records for hours upon hours to find sounds or to resort to cheesy synth tom drums for your breakdowns.

Kit features

•100 drum fills/breakdowns
•Each fill precisely chopped at zero crossing for easy drag and drop into your DAW of choice
•No added reverb, compression, or delay… mix each sound to taste
•All fills recorded through MPC 3000 LE - 16 bit .wav, 44.1khz, with no clipping
•Each fill includes approximate BPM for quick BPM mapping to track

Note: Only the drum fill/breakdown sounds in the lo-fi demo track are included in this kit. The drum loops/breaks used are not included and are for demo purposes only.
Ultra Lo-Fi Sampler:

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