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Rankin Audio - Electronica Melodics (MIDI, WAV) - Electronica Samples

Rankin Audio - Electronica Melodics (MIDI, WAV) - Electronica Samples
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• Раздел: Сэмплы
• Категория: Techno / Electronica / Chillout / Ambient
• Добавлен: 11.10.17 в 16:37
• Сайт разработчика: Перейти
• Теги: wav), Melodics, Techno / Electronica / Chillout / A, Samples, Audio, (MIDI, Rankin, Electronica

Rankin Audio - Electronica Melodics (MIDI, WAV) Rankin Audio presents Electronica Melodics. We created a collection of inspiring royalty free compositions featuring a wide range of instruments from acoustic pianos to digitally synthesised loops to resampled granular-processed audio, organised into libraries of Pianos, Pads, Processed Melodics and Synth loops. The loops offer a blissful, warm pallet of sounds that can be woven it your productions like a fine and beautiful silk.

All of these compositions have been meticulously processed using state of the art reverbs, vinyl saturation, distortions and more. We ended up with 100 melodic loops and over 120 one shots of lush textures and emotive melodies that are full of character and perfect to simply inspire or to resample and manipulate however you see fit. We even included the midi for all piano & synth loops for you to use with your own favourite samplers so that you have complete access and control.


24 Bit Quality
43 Midi Files
22 Key Loops
23 Pad Loops
34 Processed Melodic Loops
21 Synth Loops
50 Key One Shots
21 Pad One Shots
32 Processed Melodic Shots
19 Synth Shots

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