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Worship Tutorials - Pads 2: Atmospheric Pads (MP3) - Ambient Samples

Worship Tutorials - Pads 2: Atmospheric Pads (MP3) - Ambient Samples
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• Категория: Techno / Electronica / Chillout / Ambient
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Worship Tutorials - Pads 2: Atmospheric Pads (MP3) - Pads 2 work in the same way the original Pads do – just play them whenever you want texture, ambience, and warmth. These Pads sound significantly different, though – we’ve titled them ‘Atmospheric Pads’. When you hear the sound samples below you’ll understand why. They’re full of texture and dimension.

Pads are the foundation – the glue – that hold everything together. Play them under any music or worship element that you’d like. They’ll bring a warmth, depth and fullness that is hard to describe, but you’ll know it when you hear it. Just pick the key that you are playing in and let the pad play underneath. Listen to the demos below to hear exactly how they sound.

• Available in all 12 major keys and not progression specific – no click track necessary.
• All 12 files included, plus 3 additional files – F (low), Gb (low), and G (low).
• These files are in the same key of the other F, Gb, and G files, but are in a lower register.
• You have the ability to choose which sound best fits your application.

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