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Rankin Audio - UK Hip Hop (WAV) - Hip-Hop Samples

Rankin Audio - UK Hip Hop (WAV) - Hip-Hop Samples
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• Категория: Trap / Hip-Hop / R&B / Future Bass
• Добавлен: 25.09.17 в 21:45
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• Теги: UK, hop, Hip, Trap / Hip-Hop / R&B / Future Ba, Audio, Samples, Rankin, Hip-Hop, (wav)

Rankin Audio - UK Hip Hop (WAV) UK Hip Hop is Rankin Audio's freshest batch of warm, organic goodness. This full to the brim library of nostalgic, raw, tape-drenched recordings of lush chords & lofi beats is perfect for making anything from pure UK Hip Hop to ambient electronica and everything in between. This collection has everything you'll need to create your own full hip hop beats using everything from lo-fi processed acoustic guitar to live piano loops, raw, stripped back drum loops, ghostly vocal loops, deep, gut-wrenching sub bass to funkier, bouncy live bass & gritty, foley percussion. Create beautifully nostalgic imagery in your tracks with the gorgeous vinyl static recordings, clear rain drops & tape noise included.

Every drum loop featured in this library comes with every part stripped down for complete, maximum control, as well as all the drum one shots themselves so you can build your own loops from scratch. All loops included have been ran through state of the art saturation software and plugins modelled on vintage software to give each one that dusty warmth we all know and love.

Product Details:

1.1GB 24 Bit Wavs
31 Bass loops
38 Drum Loops
154 Stripped Drum Loops
27 Percussion Loops
17 Ambience Loops
12 Risers
12 Soundscapes
97 Melodic Loops
30 Vocal FX Loops
35 Claps And Snare One Shots
12 Crashe One Shots
20 Hit Hat One Shots
20 Kick One Shots
21 Perc One Shots
7 Ride cymbal One Shots
57 Melodic One Shots

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