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  • Ableton - Live Suite 9.6.2 [WiN.MAC] [x86 x64] [.torrent] - Секвенсор

    Ableton - Live Suite 9.6.2 [WiN.MAC] [x86 x64] [.torrent] - Секвенсор
    • Версия: 9.6.2
    • Таблетка: Вылечен (R2R)
    • Просмотров: 3465
    • Загрузок: 521
    • Раздел: Музыкальный Софт
    • Категория: Секвенсоры
    • Добавлен: 09.07.16 в 16:07
    • Сайт разработчика: Перейти

    Ableton - Live Suite 9.6.2 - новая версия одной из самых популярных программ для создания музыки, которая включает множество улучшений и инноваций.


    9.6.2 Release Notes

    Improvements and feature changes:

    . The ‘Link’ icon in Live's main UI now behaves like a button, toggling the Link feature on and off. This button only appears if Link is enabled in the Preferences.
    . The ‘EXT’ button is no longer hidden when the Link button is shown.
    Enabling the ‘Link’ toggle disables ‘EXT’ and vice versa. Loading a new Set disables Link.
    . Improved the responsiveness of the Tuner device.
    . Updated the Live manual and a number of lessons and info texts.


    . Fixed a bug which caused Live to hang when loading certain Live Sets.
    . When duplicating a track, Clip modulation would not play back for the newly created track.
    . When triggering a recording with count-in enabled, Simpler could start playing back Warped samples from the wrong position.
    . Live could crash when loading a Live Set where the 'EXT' button is saved as active, if Link was enabled in the preferences.
    . Fixed a rare crash which could occur when using Complex or Pro Warp modes.
    . If the End Marker of a Clip preceded the Loop End Marker and Clip Loop was on, recording this Clip in arrangement could lead to a wrong result.
    . Operator's 'Shaper Drive' and 'Shaper Dry/Wet' would expose the wrong parameter name when mapped to Macros.
    . Vinyl Distortion would not report its latency to Live, thus would not be correctly compensated.
    . Fixed a bug in Max for Live which prevented 'fold_state' and devices in Drum Rack Chains from being declared.
    . The APC 40 Session Ring would reset to the top left of Live's Session View when adding or removing another Control Surface.
    . The Session Ring would be displayed when selecting certain Control Surfaces, even if no valid input and output MIDI ports were enabled in the respective Control Surfaces menus.
    . The Launchpad Pro User mode would not send MIDI notes into tracks anymore.

    Changes for Push:

    . Push 2 Firmware update v 0.51: introduces an improvement for potentiometers, to prevent jitter due to electrical noise.
    . In Session mode, holding duplicate allows copying and pasting a Clip to a Clip Slot of choice.
    . In the melodic step sequencer, stepped automation is now linked to note length.
    . It is now possible to convert an audio clip to a new drum rack pad.
    . When converting an audio Clip to Simpler, the device chain content is now copied from the original track to the destination track.
    . In the Drum Rack Step Sequencer, it is now possible to copy and paste a step into a different part of the Clip for Push 1 and 2.
    It is now possible to copy and paste notes across pitches in the Melodic Step Sequencer for Push 1 and 2.
    . When Simpler is in One Shot mode, the ‘Gain’ parameter is now available in place of Volume.
    . In both the melodic and Drum Rack step sequencer, note length can now be adjusted via the pads, by holding the pad where the step exists, and one pad at its right.
    . When moving the Session Ring with the ‘Page’ and ‘Octave’ buttons from Push 2, an absolute offset of 8 will now be used in all cases.
    . Scales Layout settings are now also stored within a Live Set.
    . When using Simpler in Slicing mode, holding 'Delete' and pressing a Slice will remove all its steps in the currently selected Clip, if any exist.
    . In addition to that, holding 'Quantize' and pressing a Slice will quantize all the events for that Slice.
    . When cycling through Layouts with Push, a notification is now declaring the current mode of operation of the pads.
    . Count-in would be ignored when a recording was triggered via Push, in cases where a Clip was already active.
    . Previously, ‘Fixed Length’ would be ignored if the recording of a Clip was triggered by pressing a pad as opposed to pressing the Record button.
    . Under certain circumstances, the Push 2 display could go blank when selecting a track containing Simpler, if a really long sample was loaded into that device.
    . Disabling 'Warp' would cause the zoom in Simpler to jump to an unusual zoom level.
    . The master meter on Push 2 would not turn entirely red, as it does in Live, when the signal was clipping.
    . Display brightness settings would not be restored correctly on Push 2 after power cycling the device.
    . When a Group Track is selected, using 'Add Track' to add an instrument would lead to unexpected results.
    . If 'Accent' was enabled, changing any of the Note Settings in the step sequencer would cause the velocity for this step to jump to 127.
    . When dragging a sample from an audio track into Simpler from Live, Push 2 would erroneously still display the audio Clip view, even if the track containing Simpler was selected.
    . After a Drum Rack pad containing Simpler is selected, Device Mode would still display its controls upon selecting a different track.
    . When Simpler was set to Slicing mode and its Playback Mode was 'Mono', ‘Repeat’ would not behave correctly.
    . Under certain circumstances, the ‘Convert’ button was not available for audio Clips.
    . When controlling Multiband Compressor with Push 1, the 'Below Threshold' parameter would not be available anymore for the Mid Band.
    . When browsing the Drums category, the empty Drum Rack icon would incorrectly display as a folder.

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    1. yagamimeiji написал: 10.07.16 в 15:03 »
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    Ууу, так быстро cool2 спасибо!! Админ!
    2. ko6i написал: 21.03.17 в 02:16 »
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    Помогите пишет что кейген не работает, как приперетаскивании на программу так и через скопированный файл auz!!!!
    3. Admin написал: 21.03.17 в 03:05 »
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    Нельзя иметь русские символы в названии профиля Windows. Переустановите Ableton просто на диск C в новую пустую папку Ableton и попробуйте. И лучше качайте 9.7.1 Ableton она есть на сайте!
    4. ko6i написал: 21.03.17 в 08:16 »
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    Ну была причина не в этом !, всё работает, просто переставил!
    5. Admin написал: 21.03.17 в 13:29 »
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    Эту же версию или 9.7.1?
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