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Bitwig Studio v1.3.5 [MAC] - Секвенсор

Bitwig Studio v1.3.5 [MAC] - Секвенсор
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Немецкая компания Bitwig, базирующаяся в Берлине, встряхнула индустрию музыки своим новым профессиональным продуктом для студийной звукозаписи и создания музыкальных композиций - Bitwig Studio, который примечателен реализацией поддержки платформы Linux. И это не только из-за уникальности состава разработчиков — основными разработчиками новой программы выступили бывшие сотрудники компании Ableton. Bitwig Studio сочетает в себе средства для звукозаписи и аранжировки с инструментами для импровизации, создания звуковых эффектов и подготовки композиций. Для работы предлагается несколько профилей с разными вариантами оформления интерфейса. В распоряжении музыканта находится встроенный набор инструментов и эффектов, а также поддержка подключения VST-плагинов с реализацией внешних инструментов и эффектов.

• Cross-platform DAW (Windows, OS X, Linux)
• Intuitive non-linear sequencing for the studio world and beyond
• Full multi-core and multi-processor support
• VST 2.4 support with built-in 32-/64-bit bridging and plug-in crash protection
• Proprietary time-stretching technology
• Multi-display support for up to 3 displays
• Unlimited Audio Tracks
• Unlimited Note Tracks
• Unlimited Effect Tracks
• Unified Modulation System: Use Macro Controls, Note Expressions, LFOs, and Envelope Followers to modulate any device parameter, including nested internal devices and even VST plug-ins
• Note and Audio expressions, including per-note Micro-Pitch Control
• Automatic sample slicing to both Sampler or Drum Machine
• Record and edit both track and clip automation in absolute and relative modes
• Support for numerous MIDI controllers out of the box
• Multiple tools for specific tasks and editing workflows
• Macro Controls per device, as well as dedicated Device Panel Mappings with color-coded knobs and buttons for an overview at a glance
• Advanced layered editing
• Open Controller API: Lets you create and customize functionality for virtually any MIDI controller, including scripting access to nearly every feature of Bitwig Studio
• File import: WAV, MP3, AAC, WMA, FLAC, and Ogg Vorbis
• A PDF Manual is included with the Bitwig Studio application in English and Japanese

Changes in Bitwig Studio 1.3.5
Released on 03.12.2015.

FIXED Dragging clip end in track note editor enables looping instead of just extending the clip end.
FIXED Icon that indicates launch quantization on clip loop bar is invisible when loop region is not selected in an unlooped clip.
FIXED If you have only one empty project (tab) open, save the project and immediately create a new project, the previous one will close.
FIXED Dragging a track from the browser that contained a VST into empty project after fresh startup would not load the plugin due to missing plugin state.
FIXED Controller API: device.addPresetCategoriesObserver/addPresetCreatorsObserver are not updated correctly.
FIXED Engine crash when switching documents.
FIXED VST window size is wrong in Melodyne 4 beta version on OSX.
FIXED Dragging notes from multiple clips in arranger with copy modifier will copy some notes and move others when dropping onto an existing clip.
FIXED Volume, pan and CC automation should follow clips when dragging to other tracks if follow clips is active (currently only does so if device chain is identical).
FIXED 32bit plugins with carbon windows don't open their window on OSX 10.11.
FIXED Removing stop button from clip slot should also remove record button.
FIXED Named device cursors should be updated to an existing device if possible when deleting a device.
FIXED Regression in 1.3.4: mouse cursor sometimes disappears on OSX.
FIXED Arpeggiator plays a full note when the gate is at 0%.
FIXED Crash when changing velocities using pencil tool in audio event area of hybrid track.
FIXED When saving a project and changing the list of tracks/track groups in that project the browser would not update with the new list of tracks.
FIXED Mouse cursors don't look sharp on OSX computers with Retina screen.
FIXED If Preroll is active, clip launcher clips already record during the preroll time.
FIXED Loop marker for clips on the arranger are not shown in the correct place and moves when zooming in and out.
FIXED Searching for letters and numbers (e.g. "7A") in files would not find files that have that in their name.
FIXED Dragging a track out of a deactivated group hangs the engine.
FIXED Track header width might be different from state before saving after opening project.
FIXED Next actions on clip launcher don't work in some cases.
FIXED Transpose expression zoom-scrollbar does not line up with timeline content by default in audio editor.
FIXED Folded lanes in note editor do not line up with the headers in tablet display profile.
FIXED Synced LFOs are not perfectly synced.
FIXED Bug in OSX 10.11 LauchServices causes Bitwig Studio to start only once (added workaround).
IMPROVED Fold state for drum machine clips shows note name in front of the pad name.
IMPROVED Raised silence threshold used by auto-suspend of plug-ins, as it was below the background noise of several popular plug-in effects.
IMPROVED Add action to toggle the showing and hiding of all automation lanes on the arranger and shift clicking automation icon in track header changes for all tracks in its group track.

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