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kiloHearts - The Works [WIN.OSX x86 x64] - Plugins Bundle

kiloHearts - The Works [WIN.OSX x86 x64] - Plugins Bundle
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• Категория: VST Эффекты
• Добавлен: 05.11.17 в 22:46
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• Теги: The, plugins, x64, Bundle, KiloHearts, works, VST Эффекты, WIN.OSX, x86

kiloHearts - The Works [WIN.OSX x86 x64] The Works contains every piece of software Kilohearts has ever released. That means you get, not only the awesome value of the Kilohearts Toolbox with it's myriad of effects, but also our acclaimed effects Disperser and Faturator! Both of them also work as snapins in our Snapin host plugins you know? Speaking of which: The most versatile band-splitter on the planet, Multipass is included to give you the most out of your Toolbox effects.

And since we are practically giving stuff away here, we threw in the kHs ONE subtractive synth for good measure.

The Works contains all our plugins and we keep creating more. If you already own any of our products, be sure to log in to see your personalized upgrade discounts.

NOTICE: When purchasing the The Works you will not automatically get licenses to future additions to the bundle, but you can upgrade for a heavily reduced cost if you log in.

What's a SNAPIN?

Well, snapins are regular old plugins that you can use for a multitude of purposes. They come in a bunch of different flavors and we create more all the time. The thing is that they also work as modular effect pieces that you can combine in our snapin host plugins.

The Works
Chorus ✓
Delay ✓
Gain ✓
Limiter ✓
Snap Heap ✓
Stereo ✓
Bitcrush ✓
Comb Filter ✓
Compressor ✓
Distortion ✓
Filter ✓
Formant Filter ✓
Frequency Shifter ✓
Gate ✓
Haas ✓
Ladder Filter ✓
Phase Distortion ✓
Phaser ✓
Pitch Shifter ✓
Resonator ✓
Reverb ✓
Reverser ✓
Ring Mod ✓
Tape Stop ✓
Trance Gate ✓
Transient Shaper ✓
Disperser ✓
Faturator ✓
kHs One ✓
Multipass ✓

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1. JerrodxMichael написал: 14.11.17 в 12:53
How do I install these? I moved the components and vst's and the application support folder but the licenses do not work.

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