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Sonic Anomaly - SEGX2 [WiN x64 x86] [MAC - read description] - Free expander gate

Sonic Anomaly - SEGX2 [WiN x64 x86] [MAC - read description] - Free expander gate
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• Категория: VST Эффекты
• Добавлен: 15.09.17 в 20:20
• Сайт разработчика: Перейти
• Теги: Mac, read, free, Anomaly, SEGX2, description, sonic, x86, win, x64

Sonic Anomaly - SEGX2 [WiN x64 x86] [MAC - read description] - SEGX2 is a smooth dual band expander gate. SEGX2 operates always with soft knee which starts at the threshold point. Signal above the threshold passes thru unaltered.

• Independent release times for low and high frequency band.
• Adjustable ratio.
• Smooth, soft-knee operation.
• Uses 6dB/oct crossover filters, which are gentle for phase response. Keeps phase response fully unaltered when gate is open.
• The band link control glues the low and high band behavior together. At 100% the operation is similar to a regular wide band expander gate.
• The monitor slider allows monitoring of the detector side chain, which can be used for checking the gated out signal.
• The pre-gate option allows the gate open in advance. This control adds latency. When active, fast transients can pass thru unaltered, thus offering higher quality output.
• The GUI was designed by Crimsonmerry.

If you want to MAC this plugin, it is only for Mac and Windows users who work in Reaper JSFX format. If you are a user and want to run in Reaper download this file - SEGX2JSFX

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