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Sonic Anomaly - Transpire [WiN x64 x86] [MAC - read description] - Free Transient processor

Sonic Anomaly - Transpire [WiN x64 x86] [MAC - read description] - Free Transient processor
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• Просмотров: 189
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• Категория: VST Эффекты
• Добавлен: 15.09.17 в 19:52
• Сайт разработчика: Перейти
• Теги: x86, Mac, x64, read, free, Anomaly, description, sonic, win, Transpire

Sonic Anomaly - Transpire [WiN x64 x86] - Transpire is a transient processor. It can enhance or dampen the initial attack and the sustain (body) of sound. Transpire has been designed to work well with drums and percussion. It does not operate linearly, which means small transients are being affected relatively stronger than large transients.

This is good for bringing up smaller details while not overloading on large hits. As a result, percussive tracks can sound more steady and controlled compared to traditional transient enhancers.

• Attack enhance or dampen.
• Sustain enhance or dampen.
• Sensitivity controls the amount of details which Transpire can process. Small sensitivity will suit better for non-percussive material.
• Output is hard clipped at -0.1dB. Clipping can be turned on/off by clicking the clip indicator.
• Scalable GUI (VST version).
• The GUI was designed by Crimsonmerry.

If you want to MAC this plugin, it is only for Mac and Windows users who work in Reaper JSFX format. If you are a user and want to run in Reaper download this file - Transpire-JSFX

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