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112dB – Cascade v1.1.7 [WIN] [x86 x64] - VSTi Synthesizer

112dB – Cascade v1.1.7 [WIN] [x86 x64] - VSTi Synthesizer
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• Добавлен: 24.04.17 в 14:17
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112dB – Cascade v1.1.7 [WIN] [x86 x64] - With Cascade 112dB gives you a completely new form of synthesis to play with, creating sounds you could never create before.

Cascade synthesis is based on a complex delay network that can densify a sound up to 5832 times. That doesn’t mean however that a sound you create with cascade will per definition sound ‘denser’.

It can also be more lush and spacious, depending on the settings you choose. What makes Cascade really unique however is that a sound can develop over time, adding extra dimensions to it.

And moreover: that you can select the most interesting part of this development process as the part you want to hear.

Note: When you click skip. Torrent open automatically

• 2 extremely fat oscillators
• juicy analog style filters
• a new creative form of synthesis
• especially good for: atmospheric soundscapes, grungy industrial sounds, hypnotic pads & strings.

The making of Cascade was inspired by the work of Austrian composer Peter Ablinger. He experimented in the late 1980’s with sound densification using 12 tape decks. We took this intriguing concept to the realm of synthesis with the goal to open up a complete new sonic territory to experiment with.

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