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Keilwerth Audio (Vengeance Producer Suite) - Avenger v1.2.2 [FIXED] [WIN x64] - VSTi Synthesizer

Keilwerth Audio (Vengeance Producer Suite) - Avenger v1.2.2 [FIXED] [WIN x64] - VSTi Synthesizer
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Keilwerth Audio (Vengeance Producer Suite) - Avenger v1.2.2 [WIN x64] Meet our new alpha and omega of synthesis: Vengeance Producer Suite Avenger is here! The most versatile and best sounding synth you will ever encounter. There is nothing VPS Avenger can't do, it offers you tons of features and a gigantic growing library from some of the best sound designers on this planet.

Formats: VST, VST3, AAX

29.09 UPDATE!

• up to 8 OSC Modules:
each OSC with own V-Saw (Supersaw) (1-7 voices, 1-4 octs, pan spread)
each OSC with its own vibrato LFO (which can modulate every V-Saw (Supersaw) voice seperately)
each OSC with own Chorder (Note Stacker, Unison)
each OSC with additional Sub OSC model
each OSC can have its own synthesis model (see "GENERATORS" for details)
• OSC Transformation parameters:

Xcite (bending the waveform in any direction)
Formant (pulse with modulate any waveform)
Bit/Crush (Rate/Bit reduce any waveform)
Sync (easy sync mode with built in modulation env)
Volume / Pan / Transpose / Finetune / Random&Alternate Pitch
Noise Generator (level, noise color / noise rate reducer, stereo spread)
FM & AM (if you wish Alias free mode), FM source: countless basic waveforms, noise or own custom drawable shapes. Rate is syncable to semitones/octaves/7ths etc)
FFT editor for each OSC Module: Edit all spectral content in realtime, delete odd harmonics, boost octaves performs morphs or create custom filtersweeps
many FFT presets (organ overtone registers, crazy stuff etc...)
use our unique feature to randomly pulsate every band!
• up to 8 ARP Modules:

up / down / random / poly modes
editable note lengths and note transposes / velocities
each arp has up to 4 sub patterns (A B C D), means you can make complex melodies of 4x 32notes
hundreds of ARP presets
• up to 8 Step SQ Modules:

contour, decay, gate time, editable step lengths and velocity
perfectly synces Step SQ
Can be quickly used as TranceGate effect
does not click
stereo mode (L/R)
comes with many presets, even such as sidechain simulations, rhythmic gates etc...

• up to 8 Mod Envelope Modules:

free configurable envelopes, add as many points as you like
can also be in sync mode (quarter/triplet) to create moving and unique patterns
countless trigger modes, such as firt/last notes, arpeggio, bassdrum from drum SQ etc
can oneshot, loop, loop with release phase, ping pong etc...

• up to 8 Pitch Envelope Modules:

BiPolar Pitch envelope where you can add as many additional points as you like
sync and trigger modes like in the Mod Envelope
portamento modes: normal, poly, legato and poly legato (yes) with custom depth and portamento pitch curve
editable Pitchbend lag time

• up to 4 AMP Modules:

OSCs can be routet in different AMP Modules:
each AMP module has its own (analog) AHDSR envelope, but can be triggered from other env sources, such as MOD Envelope, too
spike parameter, which REALLY spikes this time.
volume / Pan / Keytrack
stereo spread parameter

• up to 4 FILTER Modules Master Filter Module:

OSCs can be routet in different FILTER Modules
each FILTER module has its own (analog) AHDSR envelope, but can be triggered from other env sources, such as MOD Envelope, too
at the moment 47 Filtertypes, all basic filter types as well as analog filter, comb filter, talking/vowel filters, peakfilters, fm/crush, TB filter etc...
resonance type selectable: additive or volume compensated
each filter has Drive, Drive oversampled and a neat Comb filter

• up to 4 SHAPER Modules:

the Shaper modules add distortion (per voice!) for each osc which is routet into it
at the moment 17 unique distortion models
two pre distortion EQ bands to shape the distortion tone
stereo split mode
can be pre or post FILTER or AMP modules

• up to 4 LFO Modules:

17 LFO Shapes to chose from 3 freely drawable shapes
fade in / delay
change offset (y axis) phase (x axis)
countless trigger modes, such as firt/last notes, arpeggio, bassdrum from drum SQ etc
of course syncable (normal, triplet, dotted), with extra long LFO times

• Drum Sequencer:

dedicated drum sequencer for the drumkits with up to 16 bars
triplet or quarter mode
roll function for each note (x2, x3, x4 etc)
each note has velocity, pan, pitch or gate time
multiple selection tool: draw a box and select multiple notes, delete them, move them (with cursor arrows up/down/left/right) or st the velocity for all at once
many special modes: flip, reverse, mirror, copy/fill blocks etc

• powerful routing system:

add new modules and re-arrange the order the signal passes the modules for each OSC
apply send FX
graphic routing help system: rightclick on a module in the OSC routing diagram lets a cross-hair apear, to show you where this module is located in the GUI

• unique new Modmatrix system:

"Drag and Drop" creation of ModMatrix entries. Just drag a source and drop it to any target you want on the GUI
"grouped" mod matrix. Means you can change all modmatrix assigments with 1 click to a LFO assignment for example
" " (additive) or "%" (percentage) modes
lag parameter. Smoothens the modulation, giving it inertia (for wha wha etc...)
cool new mod sources, such as PORTAMENTO glide (for example open the filter with the glide movement)
almost everything in VPS Avenger can be connected and modulated

• MACRO Controllers:

All Factory presets are pre-routet with cool modulations on these Macro Controllers
3 Macro knobs
2 Macro buttons

• up to 6 free routable FX busses:

4 Insert FX Racks with 8 FX slots each
Send FX Rack
Master FX Rack
like in your DAW you can route the FX into each other
You can route past the Master FX bus. For example can everything be compressed and limited on the Master Bus, except the Bassdrum, which will be dry routet to the output
at the moment 30 FX types: Delay, ArtsAcoustic Reverb, Trashverb, V-Verb, Room Sim, Impulse Response Reverb (with new IRs!), Gated Rev, Flanger, Chorus, Phaser, Multimod, Ministop (Tapestop!), Minichain (Sidechain), Bitcrusher, Distotion, Fuzzbox, Multiband Dist, Vinylizer, Waveshaper, Limiter, Compressor, Stereo Matrix, 4Band Equalizer, Multiband Limiter, Vintage Chorus, Vintage Flanger, Vintage Phaser, Rotary Simulation, Ensemble ARP, Ensemble 330
each FX type comes with many many presets.

• Wavetable Envelope / Editor:

specialized envelope for all wavetables
can oneshot, pingpong, loop. Global or per voice
"wobble" pattern generator. Unique new system, which lets you multiply, revese or flip the envelope with a pattern
Fade in / outs, zoom, normalize, reverse for wavetables

• further features:

Mixer Page: all busses and tracks at once for mixing and levelling
keyzones / velzones: create complex key and velocity zones with fade ins/outs for each OSC / drums
support for MIDI foot pedals, breath controller etc. For example: with one click assign your expression pedal to move the modwheel or the sustain pedal to control the release / any other parameter
global shuffle factor: All shuffles (ARP, StepSQ, DrumSQ etc) are linked to each other
parameter lock: lock your shuffle, volume or filter settings during preset change
powerful UNDO function: whatever you did, it can be UNDOne with 1 click
real monophonic mode: multiple notes wont kill your original now when released. You will notice this immediately when playing
Tooltips explaining each parameter (can be turned off)
customizable INIT preset
navigate with cursor keys through the library
export your current OSC shape with 1 click. Whenever you created new and cool waveforms you can add them into your library as a new OSC shape.

• Graphic / Librarian / Browser:

easy to use preset selector, Favourites, own expansions (with icons)
Tag Cloud for every preset... tag based seach system
File Browser for importing own drums, multisamples, shapes or wavetables
VPS Avenger will come with more than 750 high quality presets from all genres
GUI open for skinning
runs ultra smoothly in 60hz
resizable skin in realtime - just resize it like a Windows window (if supported by host)
everything is displayed in realtime, the waveform changes, the knob modulations etc. The presets come to life visually.


• classic VA Synthesesis
regular synthesis with saw, square, sine, noise, tri etc...

• Oscillator Shapes:
You can import and convert ANY 1 cycle waveform sample into an Oscillator shape. Once the waveform is imported, you can transform it in every direction possible, 100% alias free.
there are thousands of hand selected shapes to chose from in VPS Avengers factory library. Many emulate the shapes of classic gear or complex digital shapes, dubstep screams, real instruments etc...

• Freeform:
You can freely draw your own OSC shapes. Use a pencil or draw lines, use smoothening parameters or normalize, fade in/outs as help to create every shape you can imagine.

• Wavetable Synthesis:
if you stack up to 128 Oscillator Shapes you will have a Wavetable. Wavetables can be morphed seamleassy and have their own powerful editor and morphing envelopes
VPS Avengers factory library will come with more than 600 top notch wavetables, ranging from all kind of synthesis tricks, vocals, harmonic/disharmonic spectrals, FM or real instrument morphs. Of yourse you can load and create your
own wavetables.

• Resample:
Basically this is a wavetable editor, this Synthesis mode lets you cycle through long wave files, to explore microscopic grains as an OSC source.

• Multisamples:
Each of VPS Avengers 8 Oscillators can also be a Multisample player. With our new "Sample Stacker" feature you can layer up to 4 multisamples in each OSC module with 1 click. VPS Avenger comes with a huge library of more than 1000 Multisamples, ranging from
pianos & organs, synths, real instruments, voices etc. Furthermore there are 2 special Sample Sources: Attack Clicks and Organic Noises which are great layer additions.

• Drumkits:
This are real drumkits with their own drum edit page and a exclusive new Drum Sequencer. VPS Avenger comes with more than 160 Drumkits from all possible genres, while each drumkit holds 12 perfectly mixed and matches
drumsamples. Furthermore each drumkit has its own Drum Sequencer pattern. You can Change the Kits or the Pattern seperately, which gives you endless combinations. Of course you can create your own kits by filling it with normal drum samples.

Features (short):

VST / PC & Intel Mac VST / AU & AAX - runs in all compatible hosts
64 Bit and VST3 standard (64Bit is required!)
over 900 factory presets
620 multisamples
218 special samples (attacks, noises)
154 resampler waves
168 drumkits, 168 drumsequences
596 wavetables
thousands of OSC shapes (waveforms) available
30 fx types (incl. analog chorus, Reverb, Phaser etc. from ArtsAcoustic)
47 Filtertypes
up to 1000 playing oscs with one note possible
resampling / wavetable generator built in
freeform OSCs. Draw your own waveforms
alias free OSCs, Wavetables, FM and AM modulation
powerful and easy drag and drop mod matrix
resizable vectorized GUI (4k ready)
undo feature
comfortable preset search system / tag cloud
8 arps, drumsequencer, 8 step sqs, 18 envelope generators
16 individually routable sub outs into your DAW's mixer
macro controllers assigned in each preset, for quick sound changes
external midi controllers and pedals support
free routable fx busses and send effects
customizable lfos, 4 shaper modules (distortion units on OSC level)
many unisono features: chorder and our own invented "V-Saw" supersaw
key- and velocityzones
import your own (multi)samples, drums, wavetables or OSC waveforms
MIDI learn function (connect your external MIDI gear with Avenger)

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you need install, and all
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please write the points of the procedure..1,2,3,4,5 .... I do not really know how and what to install .... thank you

or somebody even video link link. thank you
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