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P-LASK Haas Stereo Imager Project - Ableton Rack
Ableton Live / Max For Live Racks

P-LASK Haas Stereo Imager Project - Ableton Rack

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P-LASK Haas Stereo Imager Project - Ableton Rack
P-LASK Haas Stereo Imager Project - Бесплатный эффект Хааса Ableton Rack

Instant Haas, anyone? I've set up an Audio Effect Rack with a Filter Delay and a Utility to recreate a quick Haas stereo effect for your sounds and instruments. You can place this on any monaural sound that you want to add stereo width to in your mixes. It's a simple effect, but very useful. I've placed it on synths, hihats, claps, and vocals, with great results!

*NOTE: I set up this effect rack in Live 9.5. So make sure you have the latest version of Live installed in order to open this project and download the audio effect rack!

If you've been enjoying my free Ableton Live Racks so far, check out some of my music and other free downloads. Thanks for your support!

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• Тип: Бесплатно
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Теги:Ableton Live, ABLETON, project, Imager, P-LASK, Stereo, Haas, Rack

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