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New Loops - Repro-1 Pro Expansion Presets :: Presets for Repro-1
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New Loops - Repro-1 Pro Expansion Presets :: Presets for Repro-1

12.01.18 105 5.0 0
New Loops - Repro-1 Pro Expansion Presets
New Loops is proud to present: Repro-1 Pro Expansion – a new sound bank for U-he Repro-1 software synthesiser. Pro Expansion features a full bank of 128 powerful, modern presets that pushes the boundaries of analogue mono-synths.

Diverse and Expansive
Repro-1 Pro Expansion is a versatile sound bank and has everything from cinematic soundscapes and drones to cutting FM leads to electronic sequences and arpeggios.

Full Spectrum of Sounds
You’ll find big and wide EDM leads alongside punchy analogue basses, quirky plucks and keys, creative sound effects, melodic sequences as well as new, unheard sounds.

Well Organised
All presets in Repro-1 Pro Expansion are named, Tagged and level matched and most patches have mod wheel, velocity and after touch mapped for expressive playing.

Multi Genre
Repro-1 Pro Expansion is suitable for any genre of electronic music including EDM, Trap, Hip Hop, Drum and Bass, House, Techno, Trance, Ambient, Cinematic and more.

100% Royalty Free
As with all New Loops sample packs, once purchased Repro-1 Pro Expansion is 100% royalty free to use in your songs and audio productions. We are sure you will find this sound library a great resource for years to come.

• 128 powerful presets for Repro-1
• Bass, Leads, Synths, Plucks, Arps, Sequences, FX
• Named, tagged and level matched
• Modwheel, Velocity and Aftertouch assigned
• 100% Royalty Free sounds

• Cайт разработчика: Перейти
• Тип: Лицензия
• Форматы: SYNTH PRESET / Repro-1
Рейтинг материала: 5.0/1

Теги:Loops, Repro-1, New, For, expansion, ::, Pro, Presets

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