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Sylenth1 Presets

Diginoiz - Sylenth Highlands (Sylenth1) - Presets For Sylenth1

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Diginoiz - Sylenth Highlands (Sylenth1)

Diginoiz - Sylenth Highlands (Sylenth1) One of the most popular and one of the best virtual synthesizers ever plus our experienced sound designer and producer Richard Key. It can mean only one! The best Sylenth presets on the market!

So here it is! Inspired by artists like: The Weeknd, PartyNextDoor, Asap Rocky, 6Lack, Post Malone and others. Made to fit the most popular genres: Future R&B / R&B / Trap/ Modern Pop / Hip Hop. 64 incredible Sylenth presets in one place – Sylenth Highlands!

Tons of inspiration, new, fresh sounds, new ideas! Everything that you need to create your smash hit. Everything in one place, made to make you happy, made for you!

What is in this pack?
You will find here 64 Lennar Digital Sylenth presets closed in one .fxb bank file. Lot of pads, bases, leads, synths, organs and others. Probably the best Sylenth presets pack in this genre!

IMPORTANT: Sylenth v 3.0 or higher is required!

PLEASE NOTE: drum sounds are not INCLUDED in this pack, all other sounds from the demo come from ‘Sylenth Highlands’.

Royalty Free
All Diginoiz products are licensed to you in a royalty free license. It means that after you pay a small license fee, you can use our loops, samples, presets in your productions without any additional fees. Simple and easy!

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