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Dubstep / Drum & Bass / Neurofunk

Industrial Strength - DnB Audio: Snare (BATTERY, WAV) - Drum & Bass Samples

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Industrial Strength - DnB Audio: Snare (BATTERY, WAV)

Industrial Strength - DnB Audio: Snare (BATTERY, WAV) - Industrial Strength Samples introduces DnB Audio, their newest dedicated Drum & Bass series. Never underestimate the impact of a great sounding snare drum. 'DnB Audio: Snare By Lowroller' is a unique sample pack that is a definitive arsenal of super-charged snare drums designed to spark up any Drum & Bass production. Spike your tracks or remixes with a whopping array of 400 snare drums to choose from.

These snare shots are ready to lock and load into any drum beat in need of a savage sounding snare drum. Use them as-is, or layer then up with existing snares in any track.

You'll also find a selection of audio samples - infectious loops, beats, and all the sounds you hear in the Demo track are featured in this pack. Made with modern DnB productions in mind, Drum & Bass designer Lowroller hand-crafted these snares to work with any sub-genre of DnB. The snares are versatile enough to cross into different styles of music. Take them for a spin in Neurofunk, Liquid DnB, Jungle, Crossbreed, Dubstep and Hardcore, plus Techno Nu Metal and Industrial. ISR are sure you'll find the perfect snare drum sound or layer in this collection to ramp up your next break beat creation.

Lowroller is known for his fierce DnB sample packs and NI Massive sound sets on ISS, and this latest pack is no exception. 'DnB Audio: Snare By Lowroller' comes through loud and clear with all sounds packaged as pristine 24-Bit/44.1 kHz WAV Audio. ISS also formatted shots for NI Battery 4 so you can sort through snare samples in a flash.

This is the premier pack from DnB Audio, a new production project from the design team at Industrial Strength Samples. Specialising in all styles of Drum & Bass, they're delivering serious DnB tools for production, mixing, sound design and creation. Usable, unique, and affordable, their collection brings you no-holds, full-on experiences in pro sound design.

The snare’s the limit: get ready to tighten those drums and blast your tracks sky high.

Product Features:
• 100 Organic Snares
• 100 Synthetic Snares
• 50 Hybrid Snares
• 50 Clanging Snares
• 50 Reverb Snares
• 13 NI Battery 4 Kits
• 50 Snares processed through the Sherman Filterbank 2

Five full length stems from the Demo track are included, with Drum, Reese, Sub, Crash & Fillers Channels.

Technical Specifications:
• 400 MB
• 24-Bit WAV Files & NI Battery 4 Kits

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