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Splice Sounds - Mixmash Essential Sounds [WAV] - Сэмплы

Splice Sounds - Mixmash Essential Sounds [WAV] - Сэмплы

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Splice Sounds Mixmash Essential Sounds WAV

Splice Sounds - Mixmash Essential Sounds [WAV] - Сэмплы от Mixmash Records

Mixmash Records горды представить вам самый первый Mixmash Essential Sounds!

The pack includes solely high quality essential sounds covering all the elements needed for Dance Music nowadays: from punchy drum hits to harmonic music loops and from funky bass loops to atmospheric FX to smoothen up your transitions. Use them to give that bit of extra sparkle to some of your sections or as go-to stand-alone song starters - they just really happen to do the trick.

Having been home to tunes by the likes of Laidback Luke, Avicii, Afrojack and Steve Aoki, Mixmash Records has proven its place among the biggest labels within dance music and responsible for helping out many producers climbing up the ladder. Currently home to quality producers like Laidback Luke, Inpetto, D.O.D, Shelco Garcia & TEENWOLF and HITS 'O' GOOD, Mixmash Records is to be named one of the pioneers within the creation of quality electronic dance music.

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