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LGND Media - Empires The Worship [AIFF, MIDI, WAV] - Pop Samples
House / Progressive House / Pop

LGND Media - Empires The Worship [AIFF, MIDI, WAV] - Pop Samples

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LGND Media - Empires The Worship [AIFF, MIDI, WAV]
LGND Media - Empires The Worship [AIFF, MIDI, WAV] -'Empires - The Worship' is best described in two words. Beautiful music. In the creation process of this new series, LGND set out to create a space never done before in blending Folk, Contemporary and Pop in a single product. With no 808s or synth snares to be heard, every loop and sound is purely organic.

This collection of guitars beautifully slide and strum under the subtle backbeat of steel snares and tambourines, enforced with the deep punch of Ludwig bass drums and crisp hi-hats that make up the backbeat. This product is creation at its highest.


This new addition can easily cross genres and uses from thought provoking Hip Hop, to Contemporary Christian or even commercial music, making it the perfect pathway to new musical horizons.Taking cues from LGND's 'Sara Smile', this is a collection that you genuinely don't want to pass by. This collection is sure to be the breath of creative fresh air that every producer needs.

Product Contains:

• 004 x Beautiful Pop Construction Kits - (Including: Stems/Loops, MIDIs Files)
• 004 x Mixed & Mastered FullMix/Preview Demos (.MP3)
• 092 x Individual (WAVs) Stems/Loops Files
• 092 x Individual (AIFF/Apple Loops) Stems/Loops Files
• 021 x Individual (MIDIs) Files
• Tempo-Labelled

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