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Academy.FM - Cymatics - Essential MIDI Collection Vol.2 (MIDI) - Midi Files

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Academy.FM - Cymatics - Essential MIDI Collection Vol.2 (MIDI)

Academy.FM - Cymatics - Essential MIDI Collection Vol.2 (MIDI) Song writing is easily one of the most valuable elements in music production.
Great song writing has the ability to make your track cohesive, catchy, and an overall banger!
But mediocre writing can destroy a song before it ever has the chance to be great!.
So, to help you improve on this skill, we hired professional piano players to write an incredible collection of 50 different MIDI files.
These MIDI files are such powerful tools because you’ll have full creative ability to edit and manipulate them to your own personal taste.
Customization within a professionally tuned framework is such a massive advantage to producers, and will shave off incredible amounts of time from the learning process.

And to help you stay organized, each MIDI file is labeled by Key to speed up your workflow.

Essential MIDI Collection Vol. 2 is one of the most important advantages a producer can have when starting out on a song.

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