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F9 Audio - SOL V2: Sunset Guitar Feat. Robin Boult (KONTAKT, REX2, ABLETON, WAV) - Guitar Samples
MIDI / Drum Hits / Fills / FX / Synths

F9 Audio - SOL V2: Sunset Guitar Feat. Robin Boult (KONTAKT, REX2, ABLETON, WAV) - Guitar Samples

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F9 Audio - SOL V2: Sunset Guitar Feat. Robin Boult (KONTAKT, REX2, ABL
F9 Audio - SOL V2: Sunset Guitar Feat. Robin Boult (KONTAKT, REX2, ABLETON, WAV) - F9 Audio proudly presents: SOL Vol2 - Sunset Guitar virtuoso talent Robin Boult and stunning Balearic collection of Spanish nylon guitar loops and phrases, perfectly complemented by a little over 1Gig of drums and effects that pays homage to the Downtempo music.

It is hard to imagine any tool that feels like home the setting sun than a solo Spanish guitar, since the sound instantly puts you around the southern shoreline of Europe and around the lands of South America.

Is recorded using microphone Neumann M147 Valve, API 512 + Neve 1081 passing through the HCL Valve compressor, SSL EQ and the dynamic controller, the GML 8900 to the interface, Apogee Symphony, all the attention was taken to ensure that these loops could be in the foreground of your mixes, but didn't feel would be excessive processing. In this issue we have created many advanced audio files guitar Petrel length of more than 8 cycles, which makes it easy to create a solo or layering.

After feedback from the client base F9 we've included every sound you can hear in 6 audio demos that adorn this package, we've provided the perfect soundtrack nylon solo and rhythm parts Robin. To provide the necessary warmth and authenticity, we got the musical part of original and vintage equipment, including TR-808, Jupiter 8, Hohner Pianet, Juno 60, Prophet 6, Fender Jazz and complemented by the best in the world software.

• Ableton Live 9.5 + ( Suite + Standard ) Deluxe edition Specs:
• 386 24bit Nylon Acoustic Guitar loops
• 24 Tempo Locked Live racks with 1035 individual samples pre-key mapped
• Full Kontakt Library 24 Instruments + Custom GUI ( Full version of Kontakt 5.2.4 required )
• 206 24 Bit Music, Drum and FX loops
• 105 Drum + FX Sounds
• 395 RX2 loops
• Full PDF Manual
• A stunningly Balearic collection of Nylon Guitar loops, Solos and phrases mixed with just under 1Gig of Chilled out Music, Drums and FX sourced from an original 808, Jupiter 8, Hohner Pianet Juno 106 Prophet 6 Fender Jazz bass and the world's best • software.
• Deluxe DAW Editions contain 24 Menu Patches with every riff and strummed part pre-chopped up and laid across the Keyboard . The Kontakt versions of these patches will lock to your project tempo . These patches use 1035 individual Nylon Guitar riff samples
• Far more than 1 or 2 bar loops - It is possible to build entire solos using this pack
• Extended Solo Loops
• Free taster pack available

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