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Production Music Live - MIDI Chord Progression Pack (MIDI) - Midi Files
MIDI / Drum Hits / Fills / FX / Synths

Production Music Live - MIDI Chord Progression Pack (MIDI) - Midi Files

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Production Music Live - MIDI Chord Progression Pack (MIDI)
Production Music Live - MIDI Chord Progression Pack (MIDI) Professional MIDI Pack featuring more than 220+ quality MIDI file we created for our Harmony & Chord Progressions Course and along the way of our own productions and Youtube tutorials.

Read first: Description & Specifications

The package contains around 220+ high-quality MIDI chord progressions, melody and basslines.
Check out the demo playback above, to get an idea how the chords might sound.
You don't need to have any specific software installed. MIDI Pack works with every DAW.
Delivery: You will be getting a zipped file. After your purchase, your personal download link will be available online and also sent to your email. If you run into any further problems or have suggestions on existing or future tutorials, please get in touch via Facebook or email.
The MIDIs are organised and named in two principal keys: A-Minor and C-Major. So they are very easy to use and understand. Highly recommended to transpose any Midi file to your specific needs (select all midi files and hit arrow key up/down on your keyboard).
Overall, the pack includes more than 167 pre-designed chord progressions for all types of moods and compositions and overall more than 220+ quality MIDI files.
A few of the progressions are called "advanced". These progressions including notes that are lying out of the actual key/scale. Due to the fresh and unexpected character, these kind of progressions are very modern and used in almost any kind of musical style from Techno to Pop music.
Feel free to use those MIDI files as starting point for your productions or inspiration.

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