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WA Production - What About: EDM FX 2017 [WAV] - FX Samples
MIDI / Drum Hits / Fills / FX / Synths

WA Production - What About: EDM FX 2017 [WAV] - FX Samples

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WA Production - What About: EDM FX 2017 [WAV]
WA Production - What About: EDM FX 2017 [WAV] -'What About - EDM FX 2017' is a powerful and creative pack full of spine-tingling FX, made to allow you to just drag and drop the stems into your tracks. It is packed with 276 fills, FX Stems, impacts, risers, sub drops, various FX and white noise, that's 2.5 GB of powerful FX to help bring your track to life.

Though there is no clear history on how FX was made for music production, where it was found, or who can up with the idea, it kind of just happened. And thankfully it did, because for decades and decades FX has been a great way to fill empty spaces in productions, and has even been used as a melody driver.

Impacts and FX are great for starting a mix, are insuring that an area you want to hit hard, actually hits hard. Fills are amazing transitions. Anybody can tell you that a great fill is a great for ending the build-up, and hyping the drop. Risers assist the build-up, and are a must-have when it comes to cranking up the track's intensity.

Sub drops and white noises are very complex and can be used in just about every aspect of a track. White noise can be used as an impact, a riser or can even be used to layer chords to make them sound more full. Sub drops can be used as 808s in certain genres, and if you are willing to up the game you can try reversing them and using them as a riser layer effect.

FX are a major part of music production, and more often than not it is very difficult to find great quality effects that are good enough to just throw into your track and be done. Well, that search is over with this pack. With 'What About - EDM FX 2017' you are given the best of the best when it comes to FX, and allowing you the ease of just throwing them into your track and moving on.

Sound designers spent hours crafting each of these FX with the passion of knowing that a great impact can really hit a track off in the right direction, and blaring riser can amp up any build up a make it sound more powerful than ever, and a great sub drop can really guide you drops or intros along smoothly allowing you to transition into your own sub bass.

Product Contains:

• 038 x Fills
• 098 x FX Stems (89 - 165BPM)
• 012 x Impacts
• 012 x Risers
• 010 x Sub Drops
• 016 x Various FX
• 010 x White Noises

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