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Industrial Strength - Mainstream Hardcore (KONTAKT, WAV) - Hardcore Samples
Moombahton / Jungle Terror / Hardstyle/core

Industrial Strength - Mainstream Hardcore (KONTAKT, WAV) - Hardcore Samples

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Industrial Strength - Mainstream Hardcore (KONTAKT, WAV) [WiN.MAC]
Industrial Strength - Mainstream Hardcore (KONTAKT, WAV) - Hardcore Samples. You ready for some hard as nails audio for your next production work? How about some super bad ass Kick Drums? Look no further. Industrial Strength Samples is on the case with Mainstream Hardcore.

Gancher and Ruin are back with another brain smashing audio pack for you Hardcore heads looking to make Mainstream and Mainstage Hardcore productions. This pack will work well with all styles of Hard Electronic Music in need of the heavy.

The boys have produced many Hard Electronic Music packs over the years as well as producing and remixing on a multitude of label’s world wide. Including a remix for Hollands Angerfist. This rocking pack can work well with any of our other banging Gancher and Ruin Industrial Strength sample packs.

This slamming collection of 24 Bit Wav License Free audio features a mean set of Heavy Bass Drums Shots and a slick selection of additional additional audio so you can create full on sounding Hardcore Drum Tracks like a pro. Everything you here in the Demo Track is included in this collection.

Mainstream Hardcore also features signature Kick Drum Sounds, which were all created from the ground up. Each file is ready to be dropped into any Daw. This power pack also includes a sharp set of music audio to crank melodies and take your track into over drive while using the Kick Drums in this pack.

This Kick Drum focused pack sets you up with NI Kontakt sampler patches so you can make the most out of the drums shots. Native Instruments Kontakt gives you more flexibility when messing around with these crazy Hardcore Kicks. You can set up additional filters, reverb and even more distortion while using Kontakt. The pack is loaded with effected variations of kicks to explore so you can create a unique sounding drum tracks your way. These Kicks will have you coming back for more.

So, if your looking to juice up your tracks like the big boys - Then give ISR’s Mainstream Hardcore a squeeze.

Product Details:

24 Bit Quality
570 Mb
10 Hardcore Kick drum Kits
15 Bass Drum Kits
15 Kontakt Bass Drum Multi Kits
10 Kontakt Hardcore Kicks Multi Kits
38 Synth Loops
30 Demo Drum Shots
23 Perc Loops
44 Perc Shots
25 Mainstream Fx
42 Mainstream Drum Loops
14 Bass Drum Loops
26 Bass Drum Shots
18 Bass Drum Hits
90 Bass Drum Fx Res
65 Bass Drum Fx Peak
32 Bass Drum Fx Loop
21 Hardcore Kick Shots
13 Hardcore Hits
60 Hardcore Kick Fx Res
44 Hardcore Kick Fx Peak
19 Hardcore Kick Fx Loops
12 Music Loops
16 Bass Lines
16 Fx
9 Lead Loops
6 Kick Drum Loops

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Slava_BeaT 18.10.17 в 16:32
большле СПАСИБО! big TNX!
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Nkea Neka Nekherz 20.10.17 в 04:19