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Techno / Electronica / Chillout / Ambient

Rankin Audio - Cinematic Downtempo (WAV) - Downtempo Samples

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Rankin Audio - Cinematic Downtempo (WAV) - Downtempo Samples

Rankin Audio - Cinematic Downtempo (WAV) Cinematic Downtempo is a sonic exploration of ethnic & traditional organic sounds blended with modern electronica. Sink into over a gigabyte of deep, spiralling pads & uniquely processed synth loops developed using everything from granulisers & spring reverbs to resonators & dub delays.

We've combined traditional world instruments such as sitars, kotos, ouds & more with modern processing methods to create eclectic & unique textures in our pads & synth loops. Combine these with more traditional sitar loops, dubbed guitar melodies, dreamy reverberated piano loops & gritty, deep, distorted bass loops to create some of the most beautiful fusions you might come across.

Layer up your tracks with some of the ambient FX or percussion loops included in this vast library to bring even more depth and sonic imagery into your work. We've fused together foley recordings of dozens of real world textures with traditional percussion to develop rich & earthy percussion that you won't hear anywhere else. Not to mention a huge library of drum loops with the top loop, kick & snare, hi-hats only & percussion only stems included for absolute access to every layer beat.

As well as these loops we've included 120 melodic & bass one shots for you to resample & every drum & percussion shot used in any loop, for you to craft your own loops from the ground up.

Product Details:

24bit Quality
32 Bass Loops
200 Drum Loops
17 Ambience Loops
10 Riser Loops
10 Soundscape Loops
108 Melodic Loops
33 Percussion Loops
33 Vocal Loops
15 Bass One Shots
105 Melodic One Shots
10 Crash One Shots
23 Hat One Shots
27 Kick One Shots
8 Clap One Shots
20 Perc One Shots
5 Ride One Shots
20 Snare One Shots
11 Synth Perc One Shots

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