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Trap / Hip-Hop / R&B / Future Bass

CAPSUN ProAudio - Hard Trap & Future Wonk (REX2, WAV) - Trap Samples

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CAPSUN ProAudio - Hard Trap & Future Wonk (REX2, WAV)

CAPSUN ProAudio - Hard Trap & Future Wonk (REX2, WAV) Enter a twisted world of head knock drums, crushing bass and experimental sound design. Hard Trap & Future Wonk is where gliding 808 subs and distorted vox drops collide with epic brass stabs and twisted synthetic rhythms. A unique fusion for Trap, Wonky Beats & Future Bass.

As always, we went in on the Drums & Percussion. Over 160 custom designed one shots, expertly crafted to add weight, texture and character to rhythmic foundations. Experimental processing, thick saturation and foley layers compliment synthesis and classic drum machine digging. Dirty kicks and nasty thuds, neck crack snare stacks, fully automatic hihats and strange sci-fi percussive elements. Bright clap impacts and stacked sets, gritty shakers, weird FM layers and robotic FX.

Plus a wide collection of over 100 shuffled, glitched and programmed drum loops including Full Beats, Kick & Snare, Shakers & HiHats and multiple split layers for versatility. All drum loops are also included as Bonus Rex2 loops ready for you to chop and experiment!

With over 1.48GB of hard hitting content, Hard Trap & Future Wonk locks in the signature sound of futuristic melodics including a full section of twisted synths, percussive layers and FX sequences. Ideal to layer and combine with thick Trap 808 bass glides, rich pads, soaring leads and plucks.

Discover a deep stack of melodic one shots featuring a range of 808 hits, vocal chops and some of the most epic brass stabs we’ve ever heard. Plus FX hits, risers, downers, impacts and more. Every sound has been meticulously Key Tagged and every loop tempo-synced between 85bpm and 150bpm.

Inspirational sounds for producers influenced by Troyboi, Mr Carmack, Flosstradamus, Stooki Sound, TNGHT, What So Not, Djemba Djemba & more. Designed to perfectly inspire and compliment Trap, Wonky Beats, Heavy Hip-Hop, Future Bass, Dubstep & EDM.

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