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Trap / Hip-Hop / R&B / Future Bass

Freaky Loops - Analogue Hip Hop Cuts Vol.2 (WAV) - Hip-Hop Samples

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Freaky Loops - Analogue Hip Hop Cuts Vol.2 (WAV)

Freaky Loops - Analogue Hip Hop Cuts Vol.2 (WAV) We are proud to present the second volume of “Analogue Hip Hop Cuts” is a paradise-like collection for all the Hip Hop junkies!

This comprehensive sample pack offers up 505 fine crafted sounds to give you a fresh and yet rough approach on intelligent music. Contains a huge range of useful, creative and inspiring materials for producers - classy, organic rhode figures, soulful synth leads and funked up basslines are just a few key elements of this extensive collection... From dusty guitar phrases to funked-up basslines, wonky drums to organic percussion, spacey piano riffs to soulful synth-leads, lazy chord progression to rhythmic synthlines, atmospheric pad sounds to piercing percussion to sizzling SFX, thundering kicks to warped and woozy leads and more.. all is here and ready to be used within your productions.

Weighing at 1.5GB, this massive pack includes 300 Loops range from 80bpm to 85bpm and 205 Oneshots. Loops folder contains 120 Drums, 60 Instruments, 40 Basses, 40 Synths, 20 Pads and 20 Percussions. Oneshots folder comes with 20 Basses, 20 Chords, 20 FXs and 145 Drums consist of 65 Hihats, 40 Kicks and 40 Snares to create your own sequenced beat - All loops & samples are key and tempo-labelled for flexibility.

“Analogue Hip Hop Cuts Vol 2” is perfect for any Hip Hop/Urban producer looking for some inspirational melodic and rhythmic elements. Also can be used in various genres such as Electronica, Downtempo, Future Beat, House, Disco, Deep House, Garage, Future Bass, Live-Lounge, Funk and whatever style you are into.

This pack has enough energy to upside-down the Hip Hop scene!

Product Details:

24 Bit Quality

505 Files
300 Loops
120 Drums
060 Instruments
040 Basses
040 Synths
020 Pads
020 Percussions
205 Oneshots
020 Basses
020 Chords
020 FXs
145 Drums
065 Hihats
040 Kicks
040 Snares

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