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MSXII - Lofi Melodics 4 (WAV) - Hip Hop Samples
Trap / Hip-Hop / R&B / Future Bass

MSXII - Lofi Melodics 4 (WAV) - Hip Hop Samples

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MSXII - Lofi Melodics 4 (WAV)
MSXII - Lofi Melodics 4 (WAV) Never one to disappoint, Lofi Melodics 4 delivers from the same great MSXII pedigree as it's predecessors. Colorful lofi texture and character blanket these original compositions by us. Per usual, these are here for you to chop, flip, and mangle until new inspiration is had! These compositional works are built with our vintage analog synth collections, classic recording chain techniques, and of course our super lofi processing techniques (cassette, SP404, etc).

If you haven't heard, these are the most FIRE samples around. Purchase Lofi Melodics 4 and add to your incredible MSXII collection.

Kit features:

40 MSXII original compositional loops in 16bit .wav format
Lo-Fi texture provided by resampling process of cassettes, the SP404, and secret MSXII sauce techniques
Compositions include vintage analog synths (Roland, Moog, Sequential Circuits), Vocals, classic pre-amps & more
Loops labeled with BPM and Key for easy project management
Mixed with plenty of headroom (-3db on avg). Just add beats!
Compatible with DAWs, samplers, and iOS devices that accept .wav format

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