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Vocal / Acapellas

Freaky Loops - Selected: Sliced Vocals (WAV) - Vocal Samples

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Freaky Loops - Selected: Sliced Vocals (WAV)

Freaky Loops - Selected: Sliced Vocals (WAV) Selected series is back with an epic edition! This collection is purely dedicated to unique sliced vocals ready to raid your productions!

"Selected: Sliced Vocals" features 122 MB of sample material hand-picked from our most popular Sliced EDM Vocals series - we’ve picked the best pitched, glitched, fx processed and totally chopped-up vocal loops to add a mutated human twist to your rhythm track. All vocals are categorised into lengths (1/2Bar, 1Bar, 2Bars, 4Bars, 8Bars etc...) and key - it makes it easier, faster to use!

In detail you get 100 vocal loops ranging from 128 to 172BPM. Foldered as; 18 1/2Bar Loops, 25 1Bar Loops, 13 2Bar Loops, 38 4Bar Loops and 6 8Bar Loops - each vocal has been painstakingly chopped and screwed to create energetic vox tools that will bring your beats to life.

All vocals in this sample pack are selected from the following Freaky Loops releases:

- Sliced EDM Vocals Vol 1
- Sliced EDM Vocals Vol 2
- Sliced EDM Vocals Vol 3

"Selected: Sliced Vocals" is suitable for a multitude of genres including Electro House, Dubstep, Glitch-Hop, Future Bass, Trap, Chill-step, Electronica, Progressive House, Bass House and beyond.. You are sure to find inspiration in this pack.

Please Note: This is a Vocal pack ONLY and the demo songs are from the full packs so not all sounds heard will be present in this Collection product.


- 122 MB
- 100 Sliced Vocal Loops
- 018 1/2Bar Loops
- 025 1Bar Loops
- 013 2Bar Loops
- 038 4Bar Loops
- 006 8Bar Loops
- Key and tempo labeled

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