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[Groove3] DiscoDSP Discovery Pro Explained [ENG] - Tutorial

[Groove3] DiscoDSP Discovery Pro Explained [ENG] - Tutorial

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[Groove3] DiscoDSP Discovery Pro Explained [ENG]
[Groove3] DiscoDSP Discovery Pro Explained [ENG] - Synth guru Scottie Dugan is back, bringing you a world of synth discovery, featuring the awesome Discovery Pro by code meisters discoDSP! Learn all about this incredible virtual synth from top to bottom, and what it can offer you and your productions.

Scottie begins with an Introduction covering Discovery Pro's Unique Features, Important Basics, the GUI, and some of its Coolest Presets. Oscillators are next, and Scottie gives you a Look and Listen to the Different Waveforms, How to Layer them and their Different Modes.

Wave Oscillators are then revealed, and you'll discover How these are the Second Half of Your Sound, and How You Can Use Any Audio File as a Sound Source. Scottie then moves onto Sculpting Your Sound. Learn How the Filter is the Next Stop after the Oscillators, and How to Employ the Classic Subtractive Synthesis Technique of Removing Information in Many Different Shapes, Flavors and More.

Modulation is now examined, and you'll See Different Ways to Modulate and Change Your Sound, including Syncing to Your DAW Tempo and Using the Arpeggiator. Scottie then gets into Advanced Modulation, demonstrating Parameter Morphing and Graphic Envelopes, giving you even More Control Over Your Customized Sounds.

Concluding the series, Scottie shows you How to Put It all Together, and then provides Creative Sound Design Examples so you'll know How to Create Your Own Sounds from Scratch. If you use discoDSP Discovery Pro, this series is a must have... Watch "discoDSP Discovery Pro Explained" today!

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Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz, ~129 Kbps, 2 channels

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