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[Vandalism] - Shocking Techniques With Klaas 2 [2015, ENG, DEU] - Tutorial

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[Vandalism] - Shocking Techniques With Klaas 2 [2015, ENG, DEU]

[Vandalism] - Shocking Techniques With Klaas 2 [2015, ENG, DEU] - This is the second installment in this successful tutorial series from the German star Klaas, known for his legendary "Infinity" hit. This time Klass reveals the secrets he used in his follow-up chart-topper, 'Here We Go'. This masterclass course is suitable for all producers who want to reach the highest levels with their productions. Learn how to make a track that has been supported by the biggest EDM producers in the world, such as Hardwell, Showtek, and R3hab!

'Shocking Techniques With Klaas 2' is a big base of unique knowledge about music production. This course contains 11 videos containing explanations about processes that were used in the making of the track Klaas & Mazza - Here We Go. Starting from the creative process, Klaas shows you how to make a club bomb. With this video tutorial he brings you his own knowledge, that he gathered by working with the best artists. Klaas is always setting new standards, make sure you will not miss them!

• Creative Process
• Breakdown
• Effects In Breakdown
• Bulid-Up
• Vocals
• Drums & Bass Of The Drop
• Drop Sounds
• Mixing & Mastering

Product Details:
• Platform: Cubase
• Duration: 01h 50 min
• Level: Intermediate +
• Tutor: Klaas (Klaas Gerling)
• Language: English or German

3rd Party Plugins Used In The Videos
• NI Massive
• NI Absynth
• Cakewalk LP64 Multiband
• Sonnox Plugins
• AraldFX Stormgate 3
• Volume Shaper V4
• Fabfilter Pro Q
• Steinberg Roomworks Reverb
• Bionic Delay
• Wide Mouth Stereo Enhancer
• Steinberg Stereoexpander
• Oxford EQ Native
• Oxford Limiter
• Inflator Limiter
• Visualizer 1.9
• ReFX Nexus

Video Format: MP4

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