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FilterCrusher – Free Dual Tube Filter [WiN.MAC] [x86 x64] - Крашер
VST Эффекты

FilterCrusher – Free Dual Tube Filter [WiN.MAC] [x86 x64] - Крашер

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FilterCrusher - является свободным двойной эффект фильтр построен вокруг схемы моделирования трубки , которая основана на Audio в словесное оскорбление и угроза физическим насилием превосходного коммерческого ламповый усилитель плагин GrindMachine.

FilterCrusher features a pair of resonant filters (high pass and low pass) which operate individually. Due to their transparent sound at the lowest resonance setting, the two filters can be used for cleaning up the top and bottom end of audio tracks. At higher resonance settings, they can be used for various creative purposes such as filter sweep effects, boosting certain regions of the frequency spectrum (e.g. adding more thump to bass drums), emulating the frequency response of analogue circuits, etc.

At default settings, the effect of the tube circuit is fairly subtle and almost completely transparent. To add a bit of tube saturation to the processed audio signal, increase the input gain and then lower the output volume to prevent clipping. You’ll hear the effect of the tube emulation algorithm which “warms up” the audio signal and slightly compresses the dynamic range. This kind of effect sounds particularly well on drum loops and it can also add a bit of life to dull synthesizer sounds.

To distort the signal even more, press the CRUSH button which is located in the middle of the GUI. This will boost the volume of the signal on the input, resulting in clearly audible distortion. Use this setting to get more aggressive sounds, or for parallel processing.

The plugin was developed by Audio Assault. Visit their official website if you’re looking for high quality virtual guitar amplifiers at affordable prices.


- Adjustable 12 dB high and low pass resonant filters.
- Modeled tube circuit.
- Subtle and “crush” modes.
- Zero latency.
- Optimized for low CPU usage.


v1.01 (January 22nd 2015) – Maintenance update. Fixed a memory leak issue which caused a noise burst when loading the plugin in certain host applications.
v1.0 (October 14th 2014) – Initial release.

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