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HY-Plugins - HY-MBMFX v1.1.5.6 [WiN.OSX] [x86 x64] [01.2018] :: Multiband Multi-Effect
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HY-Plugins - HY-MBMFX v1.1.5.6 [WiN.OSX] [x86 x64] [01.2018] :: Multiband Multi-Effect

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HY-Plugins - HY-MBMFX v1.1.5.6 [WiN.OSX] [x86 x64] [01.2018] :: Multib
HY-MBMFX is a multiband multi fx plugin.

The free version of HY-MBMFX is a 3-band FX unit with a single FX slot on each band. The plugin comes with a long list of available effects (20 in total), including a variety of filters, delay effects, bitcrushers, distortion, modulation effects, a compressor, and even a reverb. The included effects sound very good, as is expected from an HY-Plugins release. Each slot also features input and output volume controls, stereo width and pan adjustment, a brickwall limiter, and mono, solo, and bypass switches. The top part of the GUI hosts the preset manager, A/B testing and undo/redo buttons, whereas the two knobs on the bottom part of the interface allow the user to adjust the frequency band split points.

The full version ($42) of the plugin features everything mentioned above and adds a total of five FX slots per band, a master FX slot, and a master EQ. The up/down errors in the upper-right corner of each FX panel are used to change the order within the FX chain. All effects and their control parameters are fully documented in the manual which can be downloaded from the product page linked below.

Main Features:
5 effect slots per band.
23 effect types available.
Re-sizable plugin window.
Preset function.
A/B comparison.
right-click copy/paste.

There are both free/commercial versions:
Free version: single fx slot per band.
Commercial version: 5 fx slots per band + master fx slot and EQ.

• Cайт разработчика: Перейти
• Тип: Лицензия
• Операционная система: Windows, MAC (OSX)
• Форматы: VST, VST3, AU
Рейтинг материала: 3.0/2

Теги:v1.1.5.6, x64, HY-MBMFX, multi-effect, ::, Multiband, HY-Plugins, WIN.OSX, 01.2018, x86

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