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HY-Plugins - HY-MPS v1.1.7.1 [WIN.OSX] [x86 x64] [01.2018] :: Step Sequencer
VST Эффекты

HY-Plugins - HY-MPS v1.1.7.1 [WIN.OSX] [x86 x64] [01.2018] :: Step Sequencer

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HY-Plugins - HY-MPS v1.1.7.1 [WIN.OSX] [x86 x64] [01.2018] :: Step Seq
HY-Plugins HY-MPS is a step sequencer based on blocks. The plug-in has an 8-block sequencer with two LFO modules. In addition, HY-MPS has an extensible graphical interface, built-in preset manager, undo / redo button, randomizer and many other useful functions.

Free version:
3 sequencer blocks

Full version:
8 sequencer blocks + 2 LFO units

Main Structure
There are 8 sequencer blocks which produces midi note events.
Playback chain order of seq blocks will be controlled by block chainer.

Block Chainer
Block chainer is a 16 step sequencer which controls chain order of seq blocks

Sequencer Block
Sequencer block is a step sequencer unit.
Full version have 8 seq block units.
You can make midi sequence with combining these seq blocks.

Also running direction and step size of each seq block can be set independently.
Each seq block represents a quarter note.
And step size represents divide factor.
So if you set step size 4, each step becomes 16th note.

step size 1(quater note / 1) = step length will be quater note.
step size 2(quater note / 2) = step length will be eight note.
step size 4(quater note / 4) = step length will be sixteen note.
step size 8(quater note / 8) = step length will be thirty-second note.

Block Chainer Controls Playback Order of Seq Blocks
In this case, step size of Block Chainer is 4 and running direction is forward.
step 1 of block chainer is seq block 1.
step 2 of block chainer is seq block 2.
step 3 of block chainer is seq block 3.
step 4 of block chainer is seq block 4.

So plyabck order of Seq Blocks will be 1 > 2 > 3 > 4.
You can make 8 snapshots of Block Chainer’s step value states.

• Cайт разработчика: Перейти
• Тип: Лицензия
• Операционная система: Windows, MAC (OSX)
• Форматы: VST
Рейтинг материала: 3.0/2

Теги:x64, v1.1.7.1, Step, ::, HY-Plugins, Sequencer, WIN.OSX, 01.2018, HY-MPS, x86

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